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Medical Offices of Manhattan
News | Media Can a vegetarian diet reduce cancer and heart disease risk?

Vegetarian and vegan diets have been linked with improvements in cardiometabolic risk factors, including inflammation.

Posted on May 23 2024
News | Media What You Should Know About Erythritol

You should look for food items that are sugar-free or low in sugar if you are attempting to reduce the amount of sugar you consume.

Posted on May 22 2024
News | Media Is a long-lasting flu vaccination possible?

Research is making progress towards the goal of developing a flu vaccination that lasts longer, which might have a significant impact on public health.

Posted on May 16 2024
News | Media Do ice baths work for recovery?

There are a lot of health advantages to having an ice bath, such as a quicker recovery, a higher metabolism, and less stress. But are they effective in practice?

Posted on May 15 2024
News | Media Why aren’t older women told to get mammograms?

Women should begin getting mammograms every two years at the age of fifty, although they might choose to start getting them as early as forty.

Posted on May 9 2024
News | Media Insurance prior authorization for weight loss medications

Before you can get coverage for a prescription medication via your insurance carrier, you will often be required to obtain a prior authorization.

Posted on May 8 2024
News | Media 5 Ways to Treat Exercise-Induced Hives

Extreme itching and the appearance of raised lumps or welts are common signs of hives.

Posted on May 1 2024
News | Media 5 Reasons Why Drugs May Not Help You Lose Weight

People who are overweight or obese may now have a chance at a healthy weight thanks to new GLP-1 medications. But it might not work for you.

Posted on April 25 2024
News | Media Exercise may help reverse aging

Following the exercise intervention, the researchers discovered that the levels of lipids were reduced, even during the relatively short amount of time.

Posted on April 24 2024
News | Media How much is Rexulti without insurance?

Rexulti, is an antipsychotic drug that is used to treat major depressive disorder (MDD), schizophrenia, and Alzheimer's disease-related psychosis.

Posted on April 18 2024
News | Media How Your DNA Influences Your Weight

While DNA can play a big role in weight loss, there is good news: for most of us, living has a much bigger effect on weight than genetics.

Posted on April 17 2024
News | Media Does your pubic hair grow back faster than other hair?

There's a curious aspect about pubic hair that seems to grow back so quickly if you regularly trim, shave, or wax it.

Posted on April 11 2024
News | Media Foods to avoid while taking Metformin

Metformin has a proven track record of successfully reducing blood sugar levels.

Posted on March 28 2024
News | Media The risk of cancer is higher for people with metabolic syndrome

There is an increased risk of coronary heart disease, diabetes, and stroke associated with a cluster of symptoms known as metabolic syndrome.

Posted on March 21 2024
News | Media Are colon cleanses good for you?

The claims that detoxes and cleanses may aid weight loss, increase energy, and "get rid of toxins" are not new.

Posted on March 20 2024
News | Media What are the side effects of a liver cleanse?

People in our health-obsessed culture are always on the lookout for new health hacks. Liver cleanses are all the rage nowadays.

Posted on March 18 2024
News | Media Things to know about switching psoriasis medications

Although the precise cause of psoriasis is unknown, it may result from an overactive immune system that unintentionally damages skin cells.

Posted on March 14 2024
News Why do my earrings smell like cheese?

If you're having additional skin problems near your earrings, dermatologists say it's really important to pay attention to earring odor.

Posted on March 13 2024
News Dietary vitamin B3 may help lower death risk in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

ore and more people are getting nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, which is linked to a higher chance of death from heart disease.

Posted on March 11 2024
News | Media Is there a link between eczema and oral health?

There are over 31 million Americans who suffer from eczema. Among eczema types, atopic dermatitis is the most prevalent.

Posted on March 8 2024
News | Media Solutions for Dry, Cracking Skin During Chemo

The most common skin adverse effects of chemotherapy are skin sensitivity, dryness, itchiness, and discoloration.

Posted on March 7 2024
News | Media How MRE Imaging May Help With Crohn’s Disease

Magnetic resonance enterography (MRE) scans are an essential tool for determining if your health is improving.

Posted on March 6 2024
News | Media This Is the #1 Sign that You’re Drinking Enough Water

Recognizing the indicators that you are drinking an adequate amount of water might assist you in determining your own.

Posted on March 4 2024
News | Media Are lectins bad for you?

Proteins called lectins or hemagglutinins are present in many different kinds of organisms, but plants have the highest concentration.

Posted on March 1 2024
News | Media How Are CT Scans Used in Crohn’s Disease?

A CT scan can see inside your bowels as well as tissues outside of them and produces much more detail than a regular X-ray.

Posted on February 28 2024
News | Media How long does it take to recover from food poisoning?

While a few days of rest usually cure minor cases of food poisoning, in some cases, medical intervention may be necessary right away.

Posted on February 23 2024
News | Media Your Guide to Shaving with Eczema

Patients suffering from eczema may need to use of the correct shaving technique, which may help avoid shaving-related flare-ups

Posted on February 21 2024
News 7 Ways to Reduce Inflammation If You Have Eczema

An overreaction of the immune system to skin irritants and allergens causes eczema, a persistent inflammatory skin disorder.

Posted on February 19 2024
News How to Prevent Blisters During a Workout

A blister pops up just as you're getting into your stride and loving your workout—the worst possible scenario for any athlete.

Posted on February 16 2024
News If You Have ED, Your Thyroid May Be Sending You Signals

Thyroid issues may lead to sexual dysfunction and poor desire since the gland has been associated with sex drive and erectile dysfunction (ED) in both sexes.

Posted on February 14 2024
News | Media 70 Foods To Eat If You Have Anemia

While there are several types of anemia, iron-deficiency anemia is the most common. As the name suggests, iron-deficiency anemia happens when the body’s iron stores run low.

Posted on February 9 2024
News | Media The Fundamentals of Crohn’s Disease

Crohn's disease is different from other long-term gut problems because it can affect many body parts at once.

Posted on February 8 2024
News | Media Why Do Men Get Hot Flashes?

As their estrogen levels decline, women going through menopause frequently experience "hot flashes," which are sudden bursts of heat. But they're not the only ones who wake up in the middle of the night, open windows, and pull the covers off. Men can also have hot flashes.

Posted on February 7 2024
News | Media What are the side effects of antihistamines in older adults?

Second-generation antihistamines may produce unwelcome side effects if you are sensitive to these medications.

Posted on February 1 2024
News | Media Is It Normal to Poop 5 Times a Day?

It is possible that you are thinking about this question as you make your way to the restroom to have your fifth bowel movement of the day.

Posted on January 31 2024
News | Media Why is the Mediterranean diet good for you?

The Mediterranean diet prioritizes nutrient-dense fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and healthy fats

Posted on January 25 2024
News | Media Biomarkers will be used in the new guidelines for Crohn’s disease.

The American Gastroenterological Association put out new practice rules on how to use biomarkers to help treat Crohn's disease.

Posted on January 24 2024
News | Media Do you experience atypical GERD symptoms?

Heartburn and stomach acid coming back up into the throat are the most common signs of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)

Posted on January 22 2024
News | Media Unlocking wellness in 2024: the latest health trends

The year 2024 is shaping up to be a significant one for health and wellbeing.

Posted on January 19 2024
News | Media Can I fix the spider veins on my face?

Spider Veins aka telangiectasias, are tiny blood vessels that have been dilated and are visible just beneath the surface of the skin.

Posted on January 17 2024
News | Media Are there health risks to using public toilets?

Some people have always been afraid of germs in public restrooms, but the pandemic has naturally made that fear more widespread.

Posted on January 12 2024
News | Media What Is Shilajit—And Could It Be Healthy?

Shilajit, a resin that is rich in minerals and has been considered a supplement all-star in social media. We look into these claims.

Posted on January 11 2024
News | Media 6 Health Goals to Set This Year if You’re Over 50

Despite the fact that we are living longer, we are still experiencing a number of health problems as we get older, which may have a negative impact on our quality of life.

Posted on January 8 2024
News | Media Is it possible to play drinking games without getting drunk?

There are methods to lessen the physical and mental harm (and subsequent hangover) that may come from playing games, including heavy drinking.

Posted on January 5 2024
Media | News 6 benefits of the diabetes medication metformin

Metformin is commonly used to treat Type 2 diabetes and can treat other health conditions, too.

Posted on January 4 2024
News | Media Do You Have Emphysema or Chronic Bronchitis?

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) seems to be a single illness, it is really an umbrella term for two diseases: emphysema and chronic bronchitis

Posted on January 2 2024
News | Media Is the key to weight loss a great mindfulness routine?

There is no doubt that the medications have shown their usefulness in assisting patients in reducing weight

Posted on December 28 2023
Media | News 7 Ways to Treat a Receding Hairline, According to Dermatologists

The American Hair Loss Association reports that by the age of 35, around 66 percent of males will have seen hair thinning or loss.

Posted on December 27 2023
News | Media The One Thing You Should Never, Ever Do if You Want To Keep Your Gallbladder Healthy

Gallstones may induce abrupt and terrible pain. While gallstones and gallbladder attacks are not always avoidable, there are several steps you may take to reduce your risk.

Posted on December 21 2023
News | Media What to eat when you have a sore throat

It can be really painful to recover when you have a sore throat. Some foods may feel good on your throat, but not all of them will help you get better.

Posted on December 20 2023
News | Media 4 foods to avoid while taking injectable weight-loss medications.

The FDA has approved the most recent injectable weight loss medications, which are revolutionary for people with type 2 diabetes because they help patients lose weight while also lowering blood sugar levels.

Posted on December 14 2023
Media | News The 12 Best Hemorrhoid Treatments, Tested and Reviewed

Some individuals are totally unaware that they have hemorrhoids, while others are acutely aware of their condition and are in dire need of relief as soon as possible.

Posted on December 13 2023
News | Media How to get rid of gas

Gas is a natural byproduct of the digestive process that takes place in our digestive system. We'll show show you some medical approaches to managing gas.

Posted on December 7 2023
News | Media Why You Shouldn’t Chew Pills That You Can’t Swallow

It is possible that you do not give much thought to the idea of swallowing pills or capsules with a large amount of water while you are taking medicine.

Posted on December 6 2023
News | Media Gallbladder Diet: What To Eat And What To Avoid

The gallbladder is a small organ in the upper right part of the belly. Bile, which the liver produces and stores, is a fluid that breaks down fat.

Posted on November 29 2023
News | Media Colorectal Cancer Screening Methods Reviewed

Colonoscopy is still thought to be the most sensitive way to check for colorectal cancer

Posted on November 22 2023
News | Media Why are my palms itchy?

Depending on what is causing you to itch, you may experience additional symptoms, including a runny nose, rashes, or flaky skin.

Posted on November 20 2023
Media | News Why is my left ear ringing? Causes of tinnitus in one ear

Tinnitus is caused by a variety of medical issues and may affect anyone; however, it is more prevalent in the elderly with hearing loss.

Posted on November 15 2023
News | Media 21 Surprising Signs You Have a Vitamin Deficiency

The USA still has a startlingly high prevalence of people with nutritional deficiencies.

Posted on October 26 2023
News | Media Which Doctors Should I See for Cancer Screenings?

Cancer is a sensitive subject that many individuals find hard to address head-on.

Posted on October 25 2023
News | Media What Is Vertigo? Learn the facts.

Vertigo, or moments of sudden dizziness, are startling in the extreme.

Posted on October 19 2023
News | Media Removing colon polyps to prevent cancer

Colorectal cancer is one of the few types of cancer that can be completely avoided by keeping a close eye on the growth of any polyps that show up.

Posted on October 18 2023
News | Media Cancer screenings: Here are 5 types and critical information to know about each

Screenings are essential for detecting the illness in its early stages before symptoms occur. This is the time when the chances of successfully treating the disease are greater. The American Cancer Society (ACS) estimates that there will be more than 1.9 million new cancer cases identified in the United States in 2023. Due to the […]

Posted on October 16 2023
News | Media Is it safe to drink while taking Acetaminophen?

Acetaminophen (commonly known as Tylenol) and alcohol together may damage your liver.

Posted on October 13 2023
News | Media How long does a stomach bug last?

Although stomach bugs usually only last a few days, in extreme circumstances they may persist for up to three weeks.

Posted on October 12 2023
News | Media This Is the #1 Bad Habit Contributing to Low Energy

if you're always exhausted and feel like you need a recharge, you may have what some medical professionals refer to as "low energy."

Posted on October 11 2023
Media | News This Is the Early Sign of Pancreatitis Most People Miss

About 275,000 individuals are hospitalized with pancreatitis, or inflammation of the pancreas, every year.

Posted on October 9 2023
News | Media This Is the Early Sign of Gallstones People Miss the Most Often

Stones in the gallbladder, which are made up of bile, cause seizures.

Posted on October 8 2023
News | Media Can You Actually Detox From Sugar?

Harvard Medical School says that eating too much sugar can make you more likely to get diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and be overweight.

Posted on October 6 2023
News | Media When Should You Get Your Flu Shot?

True, you can still get the flu even if you've been vaccinated, but your odds are much better if you do.

Posted on October 4 2023
Media | News What is Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)?

Low testosterone levels in men are associated with decreased libido, lethargy, and weight gain.

Posted on October 2 2023
News | Media 5 Things That Food Experts Never Eat Or Drink While Traveling Abroad

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 30% to 70% of vacationers get traveler’s diarrhea, depending on where and when they go.

Posted on September 30 2023
News | Media 7 Common Myths About the Flu Shot, Debunked

There is a lot of misleading information circulating about the flu vaccine, which frequently discourages people from getting it.

Posted on September 29 2023
News | Media Does coffee help with weight loss?

Even a small amount of weight loss may have positive effects on your health, including increased levels of energy and improved quality of sleep.

Posted on September 28 2023
Media | News What Is Anemia?

Despite the fact that anemia is more often seen in young children and in women who menstruate, older people, regardless of sex, are at an increased risk of acquiring anemia as they age.

Posted on September 27 2023
News | Media New urine biomarker may help predict diabetic kidney disease

Every 30 minutes, the kidneys check all the blood in the body for garbage, toxins, and extra fluids.Chronic kidney disease (CKD) happens when the kidneys are damaged and can’t filter blood as well as they used to. This means that waste and extra fluid can build up in the body, which can lead to health […]

Posted on September 23 2023
News | Media How to Hydrate Fast if You’re Super Dehydrated

It's common knowledge that keeping hydrated is good for your health as a whole, and there are a lot of drinks and pills on the market that promise to do the job.

Posted on September 22 2023
News | Media Does ibuprofen relieve fever?

Both analgesics and fever reducers, such as acetaminophen, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs), such as ibuprofen, are available over-the-counter for the treatment of fever.

Posted on September 21 2023
News | Media Why Your Back Hurts When You Cough

When you have both a cough that won't go away and back pain, you're in a lot of agony. And for some people, coughing or even clearing their throats with force can cause back pain.

Posted on September 20 2023
News | Media What’s the Difference Between Ulcerative Colitis and Diverticulitis?

Both ulcerative colitis (UC) and diverticulitis affect the digestive tract, and although their symptoms may be similar, they are in fact two separate illnesses.

Posted on September 18 2023
Media | News Treatment Breakthroughs for Erosive Esophagitis

If you ignore chronic heartburn and related symptoms like burping and regurgitating stomach acid, trouble getting food down, hoarseness, or choking, your chance of getting erosive esophagitis (EE) goes up.

Posted on September 15 2023
News | Media What Causes the Burn With Erosive Esophagitis?

In a culture where fatty, rich, and spicy meals are prized, it's not unexpected that some people have occasional heartburn. However, an excess of them can cause acid reflux, which in turn can cause gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), which in turn can cause erosive esophagitis (EE)

Posted on September 14 2023
News | Media What to Expect From a Colectomy for Ulcerative Colitis

A colectomy is a type of surgery in which part of the colon is taken out to treat UC and other types of colon cancer. In some cases, the big colon is taken out in its entirety.

Posted on September 13 2023
News | Media Top Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Erosive Esophagitis

About 20% of people in the United States have gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD. This is a situation in which acid and food enzymes from the stomach back up into the esophagus. Some people with GERD go on to get erosive esophagitis, which is a more dangerous form of the condition.

Posted on September 11 2023
News | Media Why UC Causes Bloating (and What You Can Do About It)

Ulcerative colitis (UC) may cause a wide range of symptoms, some of which include stomach discomfort, diarrhea, and unexplained weight loss.

Posted on September 8 2023
News | Media Hims vs. Roman: What You Need To Know

It's Sexual Health Month! The 4th of September is also World Sexual Health Day (WSHD), which aims to raise knowledge about sexual health around the world.

Posted on September 7 2023
News | Media When to Go to the Hospital With Ulcerative Colitis

If you have ulcerative colitis (UC), you've probably had diarrhea, stomach cramps, and an urgent need to go to the bathroom. These symptoms can get worse during a flare-up. Most of the time, seeing a gastroenterologist is the best move to make.

Posted on September 6 2023
News | Media How Acid Reflux Medications Provide Relief for GERD

Do you have heartburn all the time? Here, experts talk about the drugs that can help put out the fire and how to choose the one that will work best for you.

Posted on September 1 2023
Media | News Sneaky Signs of Erosive Esophagitis

Although erosive esophagitis may cause heartburn, there are other, more significant symptoms. Up to 20% of Americans suffer from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), and up to a third of those people have the more dangerous erosive esophagitis (EE)

Posted on August 31 2023
News | Media Is coffee good for constipation?

Coffee has been shown to have positive effects on mood, cognition, exercise performance, and digestion for some. Is coffee really helpful for relieving constipation, though?

Posted on August 30 2023
News | Media The 411 on prescription weight-loss drugs

People who have been overweight for a long time are turning to prescription drugs to help them control their hunger and lose weight. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) say that about two-thirds of American adults are either overweight or obese.

Posted on August 28 2023
Media | News Vegan Diet: Health Benefits, Foods And Tips

If you're thinking about becoming a vegan to be better, to help animals, or just to reduce your carbon footprint, it's important to think about how that might change your daily life.

Posted on August 27 2023
News | Media How To Get Rid Of Nausea: 7 Home Remedies

The nauseating sensation that one must vomit is a frequent medical complaint. Intestinal problems, drugs, infections, pregnancy, and motion sickness are just a few of the many potential triggers of nausea.

Posted on August 24 2023
News | Media Recent food recalls were due to contamination. Here’s what to avoid.

The high number of food recalls has been blamed on a lack of oversight, according to some experts. Board-certified gastroenterologist Pratima Dibba, MD, of Medical Offices of Manhattan, discusses the dangers of ingesting contaminated food.

Posted on August 23 2023
Media | News Why Asthma Causes Wheezing

When someone with asthma breathes in or out, they might make a high-pitched whistling sound. This is referred to as wheezing.

Posted on August 21 2023
News | Media Are You Suddenly Pooping More Than Usual?

Everyone’s bowel habits are a little different. Some people have regular bowel movements. Every day after their morning workout or during their midday potty break, they go.

Posted on August 18 2023
News | Media Your Ultimate Guide to Exercising With Lupus

Lupus is an autoimmune inflammatory illness in which the body's immune system mistakenly destroys healthy tissue.

Posted on August 16 2023
News | Media When a sinus infection needs medical attention and when it can wait.

Timely medical attention for a sinus infection might prevent subsequent problems and deliver much-needed comfort.

Posted on August 15 2023
News | Media What Is Water Brash?

Water Brash is the sour or acidic tasting saliva that is a typical symptom of gastroesophageal reflux illness.

Posted on August 14 2023
News | Media GLP-1 Medications Could Cause Stomach Paralysis. What to Know

Semaglutide and tirzepatide are two injectable drugs that work by decreasing the rate at which the stomach empties its contents. In very unusual situations, a condition known as gastroparesis (or "stomach paralysis") may develop when the stomach has trouble emptying.

Posted on August 9 2023
News | Media Can Acid Reflux Cause Headaches?

Acid reflux occurs when stomach acid runs upward into the esophagus, the tube that connects the neck to the stomach.

Posted on August 8 2023
News | Media Thyroid Supplement Facts

According to the American Thyroid Association, about 12% of Americans will develop hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, or another thyroid problem in their lives.

Posted on August 7 2023
News | Media The Best And Worst Frozen Waffles, According To Nutritionists

Frozen waffles are a good alternative since they can be heated in a toaster or toaster oven and served quickly. Is there really a significant difference between an organic frozen waffle and regular Eggo?

Posted on August 3 2023
News | Media Screenings Best Defense Against Spread of Sexual Diseases

Digital portals that give patients easy access to health resources, give fast, secure results of screenings and tests, and make it easy for patients and clinicians to connect are the first line of defense against the rapidly growing number of sexually transmitted infections and diseases in this country.

Posted on August 1 2023
News | Media Gen Z-ers Are ‘Bed Rotting’—Here’s What Experts Have to Say About It

"Bed rotting," or remaining in bed all day by choice and literally "rotting" there. We give you the scoop on whether or not lounging about all day in bed is beneficial to one's mental health.

Posted on July 31 2023
Media | News Home Remedies to Help You Through Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)

As its name suggests, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is a virus that affects the lungs. It has similar symptoms to the common cold, such as a cough, runny nose, congestion, and sore throat, and lasts about the same amount of time (one to two weeks). Jared Braunstein, D.O., an internist at the Medical Offices of […]

Posted on July 25 2023
News | Media How Ultra-Processed Foods Differ From Other Processed Foods

Ultra-processed foods are those that have undergone an excessive amount of processing and include many chemicals, preservatives, and artificial components.

Posted on July 24 2023
News | Media Asthma’s Effect on the Respiratory System

Asthma may wreak havoc on the respiratory system by narrowing airways and making it hard to breathe.

Posted on July 20 2023
News | Media Do you have Silent Asthma?

Could you have asthma without being conscious of it? Silent asthma may harm your respiratory system without triggering the typical asthma symptoms.

Posted on July 19 2023
News | Media Eating More of These Fermented Foods Can Boost Your Sleep

Looking for a new food-first method to help you sleep better? If you aren't already loading your fridge with fermented foods and beverages, you should start now for the sake of your gut health and sleep quality.

Posted on July 14 2023
Media | News Could an experimental probiotic help detoxify mercury from your diet?

Mercury in the environment can get into the food chain and make people sick, especially babies and children who are still growing. Some types of mercury are easier for the body to absorb than others.

Posted on July 12 2023
News | Media 3 things to avoid when taking furosemide

If you are experiencing fluid retention as a result of underlying health conditions, it's possible that your doctor might recommend the use of furosemide, commonly known as water pills. The diuretic is frequently employed to reduce edema (fluid retention) in individuals with chronic health conditions.

Posted on July 11 2023
News | Media The Connection Between Asthma and Vitamin D

According to research, the "sunshine vitamin" may also have an essential role in your health in other ways, such as lowering your risk of asthma episodes. Are you curious about the connection?

Posted on July 7 2023
News | Media Can You Outgrow Asthma?

It's a natural question for anyone who had asthma as a child or is raising a child with the breathing problem to ask: Can you grow out of asthma?

Posted on July 5 2023
News | Media The Connection Between Obesity and Asthma

Obesity and asthma are two health problems that are closely linked. Each one makes the other more likely to happen.

Posted on June 28 2023
News | Media Why some antibiotics may help reduce endometriosis symptoms

Researchers discovered that compared to less than 10% of individuals without the ailment, approximately two-thirds of patients with endometriosis have higher levels of a particular bacterium around their uterus.

Posted on June 27 2023
News | Media A common diabetes drug could lower long COVID risk by 40%

Metformin, a common diabetes drug, was tested by researchers to see if it could stop lengthy COVID. Metformin can cut down lengthy COVID diagnoses by 40%, according to their research.

Posted on June 24 2023
News | Media 5 Supplements To Burn Belly Fat and Flatten Your Stomach

The visceral fat area, often known as belly fat, is the fat that surrounds the internal organs in your abdomen. A vitamin A deficiency has been linked to obesity, according to Kayleen Eslinger, a registered dietitian (RD) at MOM

Posted on June 21 2023
News | Media How Do Nebulizers Work?

A nebulizer is a tiny breathing apparatus that transforms liquid medication into an inhalable mist, allowing medication to enter the lungs directly for fast absorption.

Posted on June 20 2023
News | Media What Is Cough Variant Asthma?

Cough Variant Asthma can lead to respiratory infections if left untreated. If you have cough variant asthma, you might experience sleep disruption because you wake up coughing, or you may struggle with exercise because of the condition.

Posted on June 14 2023
News | Media What Are Hemorrhoids? Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, And Prevention

Most hemorrhoids can be treated with home remedies or over-the-counter creams, ointments, and suppositories. Surgery may be necessary in severe cases that do not respond to minimally invasive treatments.

Posted on June 13 2023
Blog | News Assessment of Breathing Tests in Addressing New York City’s Public Health Emergency

The necessity for reliable techniques to assess and monitor lung function becomes important in such a severe circumstance. This is where breathing tests come in handy. 

Posted on June 8 2023
Media | News 6 Ways to Help When Living with an HIV-Positive Family Member

Contrary to common belief, HIV cannot be transmitted by sharing food or drink, sneezing close to someone, or embracing.

Posted on June 7 2023
News | Media The Pros and Cons of a High-Protein Diet

Eating protein helps you build muscle, and recover quickly after intense workouts. According to Leah Silberman, R.D., a registered dietitian at Medical Offices of Manhattan how much protein you need on a high-protein diet varies depending on your age, weight, level of physical activity, and overall health.

Posted on June 6 2023
Media | News How Nutrition Education for Doctors Is Evolving

The most advantageous aspect of current medical education would be the recognition of nutrition's importance—and how that may include increased collaboration with dietitians and other nutrition specialists.

Posted on June 2 2023
News | Media Struggling To Lose Belly Fat? You Could Have These Vitamin Deficiencies

Neither a certain vitamin nor mineral can miraculously increase or decrease belly fat. However, there are several particular deficits that could be a contributing factors if you feel like you are hanging onto excess body fat

Posted on May 27 2023
News | Media This Is the #1 Snack To Help You Poop ASAP

Sadly, the snacks you choose to eat could be disrupting your digestive process and result in constipation and other gastrointestinal issues. However, some foods can help you eliminate and maintain regularity.

Posted on May 26 2023
News | Media How To Lose 10 Pounds In A Month

You're not alone in your journey, whether you've set a weight loss goal to enhance your health, have more energy, or get one of the numerous additional health benefits weight loss may provide.

Posted on May 24 2023
News | Media How Ulcerative Colitis Flares Impact Your Menstrual Cycle

Even your menstrual cycle can be impacted by ulcerative colitis, which can result in painful periods and severe PMS.

Posted on May 23 2023
News | Media What to Know About Diabetes Mellitus

Do you have Diabetes mellitus? The term is often shortened to just “diabetes” and it's one of the most common diseases in the world, affecting more than 8% of all adults. There isn’t a cure for diabetes, but there are different ways to manage it.

Posted on May 17 2023
News | Media Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis)

Sweat, which is 99% water and 1% salt and fat, prevents overheating by cooling you as it evaporates. However, hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, can occasionally happen even while you're at rest or in a cold atmosphere. Without question, excessive and uncontrollable sweating can cause both physical and psychological pain.

Posted on May 16 2023
News | Media Is your Melatonin Supplement Mislabeled?

A recent study found that 22 of the 25 melatonin gummy items that were tested by researchers had incorrect labels. Even more concerning, the goods' melatonin content varied from 74% to 347% of what was listed on the labels.

Posted on May 16 2023
News | Media Why Black patients tend to have a higher rate of kidney dialysis graft failure

Researchers recently examined the effect of ethnicity on the effectiveness of arteriovenous grafts for dialysis. They claim that compared to other ethnic groups, African Americans have a higher rate of graft failure.

Posted on May 9 2023
News | Media What’s the rarest blood type?

Your blood type will always be checked if you ever find yourself in a life-threatening situation requiring a blood transfusion. Some blood kinds, out of the eight most prevalent, are more uncommon than others. Additionally, your blood type determines the type of blood you can get from a donor.

Posted on May 8 2023
Media | News 8 Signs That Your Body Is Fighting Inflammation, From Headaches and Bloating to Fatigue

You’ve probably heard of inflammation, and it probably wasn’t in the best possible light. Inflammation is a common biological process that happens while your body is trying to heal itself. It usually happens after an acute injury (such as a sprained ankle with the ensuing swelling) or a chronic condition like arthritis. Internal medicine physician […]

Posted on May 5 2023
News | Media Is Sweating at Night Normal?

Menopause, drugs, illnesses, sleep disorders, stress, and your sleeping environment are just a few of the many factors that might make you perspire at night. Experts advise speaking with your healthcare practitioner if you frequently perspire at night and it is interfering with your ability to sleep.

Posted on May 2 2023
News | Media Bariatric surgery can treat complications in people with obesity and diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic disease that can cause nerve damage among other long-term problems. According to a recent study, bariatric surgery may benefit those who have type 2 diabetes by reducing peripheral neuropathy. Bariatric surgery can treat complications in people with obesity and diabetes.

Posted on May 1 2023
News | Media Don’t Overlook This Screening Test

According to Pratima Dibba, MD, a gastroenterologist at Medical Offices of Manhattan, having a colon polyp is both terrible and good news. According to Dr. Dibba, any chance to prevent colorectal cancer from developing is important

Posted on April 28 2023
News | Media How To Deal With Night Sweats

You've probably woken up feeling a little damper than when you went to sleep if you've ever had the flu, a nightmare, or used too many blankets in your bed.

Posted on April 21 2023
News | Media What Happens to Your Body If You Don’t Get Enough Vitamin D

Despite the fact that authorities advise individuals to consume 600 IU of the vitamin each day, it is only present in a small number of foods, including fatty fish, eggs, mushrooms, fortified milk, and cereals, making it challenging to meet the necessary level through diet alone. Instead, the majority of people acquire it through dietary supplements or direct exposure to natural sunlight.

Posted on April 17 2023
News | Media Do Bile Duct Hamartomas Cause Cancer?

Bile duct hamartomas are liver lesions that grow. These uncommon growths are usually harmless, but they have a small chance of becoming cancerous.

Posted on April 7 2023
News | Media When Is the Best Time to Work Out?

What difference does it make when we exercise? Longevity may be high on your list if you're just looking to feel good while living a long and healthy life.

Posted on April 7 2023
News | Media How long does constipation last?

Can't poop? It's not just you! According to the Mayo Clinic, constipation is defined as having fewer than three bowel motions per week and affects about 4 million Americans often.

Posted on April 6 2023
News | Media Gastroenterologist Dr. Pratima Dibba on polyps’ relationship to colorectal cancer

According to Pratima Dibba, MD, a gastroenterologist at Medical Offices of Manhattan, having a colon polyp is both bad and good news.

Posted on April 5 2023
News | Media How Long Does It Take for a Piercing To Heal? A Professional Piercer and a Doctor Weigh In

Whether you've just gotten one hole or 10, your newly-pierced ears are bound to spark fun, and give you a creative outlet. But while you may see those little piercings as a great way to individualize your look, your body perceives them as wounds that need to heal.

Posted on April 3 2023
Media | News How to Use an Asthma Inhaler With a Spacer

Your doctor might recommend an inhaler to use routinely or in the case of an asthma attack as part of an asthma management strategy. There are two types of inhalers—those with spacers and those without—which the majority of people are unaware of.

Posted on April 1 2023
News | Media A Step-by-Step Guide for Using an Asthma Inhaler Without a Spacer

Considering that inhalers can transport medication directly to the lungs, using one is frequently a part of an asthma care strategy. Internal medicine specialist and Medical Offices of Manhattan medical director Denise Pate, M.D., offers her opinion on the use of an inhaler WITH a spacer to increase the medication's efficacy.

Posted on March 30 2023
News | Media Prebiotics and Probiotics: A Guide to Eating for Gut Health

Learn the difference between prebiotics and probiotics, and discover how incorporating both into your diet can promote gut health.

Posted on March 25 2023
News | Media Should You Use Over-the-Counter Asthma Inhalers and Medication?

Don't wing it when it comes to managing your asthma. What can you do if you run out of your prescription medication (it occurs) and are unable to instantly obtain more?

Posted on March 24 2023
News | Media How to Handle an Asthma Attack Without an Inhaler

Gasping for air can cause a surge of anxiety, especially if you don't have a rescue inhaler on hand during an asthma attack

Posted on March 20 2023
News | Media 3 Cups of Coffee a Day May Help Reduce Body Fat and Diabetes Risk

Denise Pate, MD an internal medicine physician and medical director with the Medical Offices of Manhattan, pointed out some valuable information based on a recent study that suggests coffee and green and black tea may help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. Read the article here.

Posted on March 17 2023
News | Media Dr. Denise Pate with age-by-age cancer screening recommendations

The annual physical is the perfect time to discuss any changes in an individual’s health over the prior year with a primary care doctor. But it’s also a great time to ask which cancer screenings are recommended, according to Denise Pate, MD, internist and medical director at Medical Offices of Manhattan. Read our press release here

Posted on March 14 2023
News | Media Could stool samples indicate who may develop Parkinson’s?

 Dr. Pratima Dibba, a board-certified gastroenterologist at the Medical Offices of Manhattan commented on a new study that found that stool samples may be used to identify a condition that is an early indicator of Parkinson’s disease. Read the article here

Posted on March 14 2023
News | Media This Vibrating Pill Can Help With Constipation: What to Know

A new drug-free option for constipation relief, Vibrant, receives FDA approval. Dr. Pratima Dibba, a board-certified gastroenterologist at Medical Offices of Manhattan, says that tools like Vibrant are part of a wide range of treatment options for those with constipation of this type. Read the article here.

Posted on March 6 2023
Media | News A New Harvard Study Says Sticking to These 6 Habits Could Cut Your Long COVID Risk in Half

Life has continued to move toward pre-pandemic norms, but the COVID risk remains. Dr. Denise Pate, MD, a board-certified physician and medical director at Medical Offices of Manhattan helps explain how to reduce your long COVID Risks. Read the story here.

Posted on March 6 2023
News Six Tricks To Eating Healthy Over The Holidays

The way that food brings us all together is one of the best things about the holiday season. ‘Tis the season to gather with loved ones and enjoy some of our favorite comfort foods. Holiday feasting can make it a real challenge to stay healthy during November and December, with the average American gaining at […]

Posted on November 22 2021
News Is it Okay to Workout on an Empty Stomach? Fasted Cardio Explained

Medical Offices of Manhattan’s Internist, Dr. Denise Pate speaks to MSN about working out on an empty stomach. She’s quoted saying: What are the benefits of fasted cardio? “Fasted cardio is exercise done in a fasted state, in which your body is no longer processing or digesting food. Benefits include increased lipolysis, fat oxidation and decreased […]

Posted on July 21 2020
News Issues With False Positive Coronavirus Testing

[et_pb_section fb_built=”1″ _builder_version=”4.1″][et_pb_row _builder_version=”4.1″][et_pb_column type=”4_4″ _builder_version=”4.1″][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.1″ hover_enabled=”0″]Our Head Cardiologist, Dr. Robert Segal, was featured on CBS New York News where he touched on the issues some people have been facing with false positive Covid-19 Testing. Watch the full interview here:[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.1″ hover_enabled=”0″] Want to see more content? Subscribe to our YouTube Channel here.  [/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]

Posted on June 1 2020
News Should You Be Eating Before or After You Work Out?

Medical Offices of Manhattan’s Internist, Dr. Denise Pate speaks to Purewow about eating before or after a workout. She’s quoted saying: “Fasted cardio is exercise done in a fasted state, in which your body is no longer processing or digesting food. Benefits include increased lipolysis, fat oxidation and decreased insulin levels.  When the body is resting, […]

Posted on May 28 2020
News Dr. Robert Segal Speaks With Capsule About Best Practices

Medical Offices of Manhattan’s Founder and Internist, Dr. Robert Segal speaks to Capsule on integrating virtual care and the short and long-term implications of COVID-19 on his businesses. How did you get started in medicine and what led you to pursue not only being a physician but also running a business when you set up your […]

Posted on May 19 2020
News Best Practices: Integrating Virtual Care And The Short And Long-Term Implications Of COVID-19

Medical Offices of Manhattan’s Internist, Dr. Robert Segal speaks to Capsule about integrating virtual care and the short and long-term implications of COVID-19 on his businesses. Read the interview below: How did you get started in medicine and what led you to pursue not only being a physician but also running a business when you set up […]

Posted on May 18 2020
News Kawasaki Disease, A Disease That May Impact Kids With COVID-19

Medical Offices of Manhattan’s Internist, Dr. Robert Segal speaks to Refinery 29 about Kawasaki Disease, a disease that may impact kids with COVID-19 He’s quoted saying: What is Kawasaki disease? “It’s a rare disorder that you’ll find in about 20 out of every 100,000 or so pediatric cases,” Dr. Segal says. “It causes inflammation of the […]

Posted on May 7 2020
News Saliva Tests Emerge As New Option To Diagnose COVID-19

Medical Offices of Manhattan’s Gastroenterologist, Dr. Andrea Culliford speaks to Helio about Saliva Tests Emerge As New Option To Diagnose COVID-19.. She’s quoted saying: “A blood sample can only be taken by a phlebotomist. But nearly any health care professional can take a saliva sample, giving health systems greater flexibility. However, saliva tests have limitations, […]

Posted on May 6 2020
News Tips For A Doctor’s Telemedicine Sessions

Medical Offices of Manhattan’s Internist, Dr. Robert Segal speaks to Women’s Health about tips for a practices telemedicine sessions He’s quoted saying: 1. Use the online paperwork to flag immediate problems—and give the doc a big-picture POV of your health. 2. Check security protocols—and that this doc can legally examine you virtually—before your appointment. Now that […]

Posted on May 5 2020
News Coronavirus Antibody Test… How Accurate Is It?

Medical Offices of Manhattan’s Internist, Dr. Robert Segal speaks to The New York Post about the coronavirus antibody test and how accurate it may be. He’s quoted saying: Cardiologist Robert Segal has been conducting antibody tests at his Manhattan Cardiology clinics on the Upper East Side and Midtown since April 16 “for anyone who has felt that […]

Posted on May 4 2020
News How To Wear A Face Mask Effectively

Medical Offices of Manhattan’s Internist, Dr. Denise Pate speaks to Prevention about How To Wear A Face Mask Effectively During Covid-19. She’s quoted saying: Coronavirus can be transmitted when a person inhales respiratory droplets that are dispersed when a carrier coughs, sneezes, or talks. It’s why effectively covering your mouth and nose is crucial. “Considering that COVID-19 […]

Posted on April 23 2020
News Ways to Make Co-Parenting Work During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Medical Offices of Manhattan’s Internist, Dr. Denise Pate speaks to about Ways to Make Co-Parenting Work During the Coronavirus Pandemic. She’s quoted saying: Agree How You’ll Monitor Your HealthDr. Pate says, “It’s more important than ever to disclose symptoms of anyone in either household. This includes the spectrum of COVID-19 symptoms, especially if one parent […]

Posted on April 17 2020
News Health Risks You Can’t Afford to Take Amid the Coronavirus

Medical Offices of Manhattan’s Internist, Dr. Denise Pate speaks to BestLife about Health Risks You Can’t Afford to Take Amid the Coronavirus. She’s quoted saying: Smoking or Vaping Touching commonly used items and surfaces without disinfecting Grocery shopping frequently Taking new medicine or engaging in high-risk activities Going to a small gathering Meeting dates in person […]

Posted on April 6 2020
News Tips To Stop Touching Your Face

Medical Offices of Manhattan’s Internist, Dr. Denise Pate speaks to Muscle & Fitness about tips to stop touching your face. She’s quoted saying: Avoid touching your face especially when a contagious virus is spreading. Viruses can easily transmit by touching contaminated surfaces followed by your face like eyes, nose, and mouth. Face-touching is a habit elicited […]

Posted on March 30 2020
News The Best and Worst Foods to Eat When You’re Sick

Medical Offices of Manhattan’s Internist, Dr. Denise Pate speaks to Livestrong about the best and worst foods to eat when you’re sick. She’s quoted saying: Foods To Help You Recover 1. Tea 2. Honey 3. Garlic 4. Mushrooms 5. Citrus Fruits 6. Ginger 7. Probiotic-Rich Foods 8. Shellfish 9. Chicken Soup “The protein in chicken helps […]

Posted on March 24 2020
News Can the Coronavirus Cause Diarrhea?

Medical Offices of Manhattan’s Gastroenterologist, Dr. Andrea Culliford speaks to Shape about Can the Coronavirus Cause Diarrhea? She is quoted saying: Given what we know so far, it’s too soon to say that people experiencing digestive issues should take the same steps they would if they were experiencing respiratory symptoms. This is in no way to […]

Posted on March 20 2020
News Wearing Face Masks and Gloves Doesn’t Prevent You From Getting Sick

Medical Offices of Manhattan’s Internist, Dr. Denise Pate speaks to LiveStrong about germ myths. She’s quoted saying: 1. Myth: Face Masks Are a Good Defense Against Catching the Flu Keep in mind how small a virus actually is, the typical length of a virus ranges from 200 to 1,000 nanometers (for reference, a red blood […]

Posted on March 12 2020
News Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement

[et_pb_section fb_built=”1″ _builder_version=”4.1″ hover_enabled=”0″ custom_padding=”0px||||false|false”][et_pb_row _builder_version=”4.1″ background_size=”initial” background_position=”top_left” background_repeat=”repeat” hover_enabled=”0″ custom_padding=”0px||||false|false”][et_pb_column type=”4_4″ _builder_version=”3.25″ custom_padding=”|||” custom_padding__hover=”|||”][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.1″ background_size=”initial” background_position=”top_left” background_repeat=”repeat” hover_enabled=”0″] Now Offering COVID-19 Antibody Testing [/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][et_pb_row _builder_version=”4.1″ column_structure=”1_2,1_2″ custom_padding=”0px||||false|false” hover_enabled=”0″ module_alignment=”center” max_width=”650px”][et_pb_column _builder_version=”4.1″ type=”1_2″][et_pb_button _builder_version=”4.1″ button_text=”Learn More” hover_enabled=”0″ button_url=”” button_alignment=”center”][/et_pb_button][/et_pb_column][et_pb_column _builder_version=”4.1″ type=”1_2″][et_pb_button _builder_version=”4.1″ button_text=”Request Appointment” hover_enabled=”0″ button_url=”” button_alignment=”center”][/et_pb_button][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][et_pb_row _builder_version=”3.25″ background_size=”initial” background_position=”top_left” background_repeat=”repeat”][et_pb_column type=”4_4″ _builder_version=”3.25″ custom_padding=”|||” […]

Posted on March 9 2020
News A Gastroenterologist’s Top 5 Ways To Stop Nervous Poops

Medical Offices of Manhattan’s Gastroenterologist, Dr. Andrea Culliford speaks to Well and Good about ways to stop nervous poops. She is quoted saying: The gut’s nervous system—also known as the enteric nervous system—relies on neuropeptides and neurotransmitters like serotonin to regulate both intestinal motility and secretion.  Nervousness or anxiety can cause one to feel the […]

Posted on February 24 2020
News Here’s What Science Says About The Best Time To Work Out

Medical Offices of Manhattan’s Internist, Dr. Denise Pate speaks to PureWow about the best time to workout. Morning Work Out Pros 1. More Likely To Stick With It 2. More Energetic Throughout The Day 3. May Lose Weight Faster Denise Pate says that the benefits of working out on an empty stomach “include increased lipolysis, fat […]

Posted on February 21 2020
News Flying During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Medical Offices of Manhattan’s Internist, Dr. Jyoti Kini, speaks to Bustle about flying during the coronavirus outbreak. Are masks effective at preventing the spread of epidemics like the coronavirus? In what circumstances would it make sense to use one, and how can you be sure you’re wearing one correctly? Coronavirus is a droplet infection. It […]

Posted on February 7 2020
News This Is How A Sugar-Related Headache Happens

Medical Offices of Manhattan’s Internist, Anisha Patel, MD, speaks to about Sugar-Related Headaches Are Real — Here’s How It Happens. Can too much sugar, or not enough sugar, cause headaches? Both too much sugar and not enough sugar can cause headaches. Dr. Patel was quoted as saying: “Sugar-related headaches come from a rapid swing […]

Posted on December 28 2019
News Here’s Why Your Muscles Are Weirdly Sore After One Too Many Drinks

Medical Offices of Manhattan’s Internist, Daniel Kim, DO, speaks to Yahoo! Lifestyle about Why Your Muscles Are Weirdly Sore After One Too Many Drinks Why are muscle aches and muscle pain a symptom of hangovers?  What is going on in your body to make your muscles sore? This can happen due to multiple factors including […]

Posted on December 23 2019
News Dr. Pate Discusses 2020 Health Trends With CBS 2 News

[et_pb_section fb_built=”1″ _builder_version=”3.26.6″][et_pb_row _builder_version=”3.26.6″][et_pb_column _builder_version=”3.26.6″ type=”4_4″][et_pb_text _builder_version=”3.26.6″][/et_pb_text][et_pb_text _builder_version=”3.26.6″] Medical Offices of Manhattan’s primary care specialist, Denise Pate, MD, spoke with Andrea Grimes and Cindy Hsu of CBS 2 News about the upcoming health trends for 2020. Some highlights from the interview: Personalization of medicine and care; taking into account an individual’s lifestyles and background The […]

Posted on December 23 2019
News Unexpected Reasons Why You Might Have A Fever

Medical Offices of Manhattan’s primary care specialist, Lisa Alex, MD, speaks to HuffPost Wellness about Unexpected Reasons Why You Might Have A Fever There are many reasons why you may have a fever, some benign and self-resolving and some that may be more grave in nature. Here are some common causes of a fever — […]

Posted on November 27 2019
News Common Myths About the Flu Shot

It’s officially fall, which is unofficially flu season. About 10% of Americans get the flu every year and even though it’s common, it’s a pretty serious illness. Fortunately, it’s easy to decrease your risk of catching the flu with a vaccination, but flu shot myths are about as common as the virus itself. Our own […]

Posted on November 11 2019
News The Link of Sleep and Weight Loss

Medical Offices of Manhattan’s Primary Care Physician, Lisa Alex,MD, speaks to LiveStrong about the link between sleep and weight loss. What are the recommended hours of sleep each night? While needs vary from person to person, most people function best at 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. What are some factors that may […]

Posted on November 4 2019
Blog | News 15 Simple Habits Doctors Swear by to Avoid Colds and the Flu

Our own Denise Pate, MD was recently interviewed in Prevention Magazine. She’s quoted as saying: “The flu is spread by droplets that come from coughing or sneezing from an infected person, and these droplets land in the mouth or nose of another person,” says Denise Pate, MD, an internal medicine physician at the Medical Offices of […]

Posted on February 20 2019
News How to Know if You Should Take Vitamin D

One of our sister practice Cardiologists and co-founder of LabFinder, Rober Segal, MD, was interviewed on Insider Magazine to discuss the worst foods for your heart.  However, some people are unable to get their vitamin D through natural sources. If that’s the case, you can consider taking vitamin D supplements, according to Dr. Robert Segal, MD, […]

Posted on February 6 2019
Blog | News FDA Approves a New Flu Drug

FDA Approves a New Flu Drug One of our Cardiologists from our sister practice Manhattan Cardiology and co-founder of LabFinder, Rober Segal, MD, was quoted in a Vogue article about a new Flu drug.   After last year’s unprecedented flu season, which caused nearly 80,000 flu-related deaths in the U.S., this year is beginning with a […]

Posted on October 25 2018
Blog | News Diet could Stop Cancer from Spreading

The diet that could stop cancer from spreading One of our Cardiologists from our sister practice Manhattan Cardiology and co-founder of LabFinder, Rober Segal, MD, was quoted in an AOL article about using diet to combat cancer.  Every year—shortly after National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October—the American Cancer Society reports that roughly another 1.7 […]

Posted on October 18 2018
Blog | News Understanding Your Flu Shot This Year

From Prevention to Treatment: Everything You Need to Know About this Year’s Flu One of our primary care physicians, Denise Pate MD, was quoted in a People article about understanding this year’s flu shot. Can the flu vaccine cause the flu? Dr. Denise Pate, Internal Medicine Doctor at Medical Offices of Manhattan, tells PEOPLE she’s encountered […]

Posted on September 19 2018
News | Blog Understanding Low Testosterone in Men

Low Testosterone in Men: Can Exercise Boost This Hormone? One of our family physicians, Yevgeniy “Eugene” Vaynkof, MD, was quoted in an EndocrineWeb article about combating Low T with exercise.  For men who are experiencing low testosterone, Dr. Vaynkof explores the role of exercise—the type, frequency, and duration—needed to raise your hormone levels to normal. […]

Posted on September 5 2018
News Keto Diet Pros and Cons

The Pros And Cons Of The Keto Diet, According To Doctors And Nutritionists One of our Cardiologists, Ami Beniaminovitz, MD, was quoted in a Huffington Post article about the Ketogenic diet.  No doubt you’ve already heard about the ketogenic diet, also known as keto. Whole Pinterest boards and Instagram accounts are dedicated to the trend, and […]

Posted on July 25 2018
News Wash Your Hands the Right Way

Study suggests you’re probably washing your hands wrong. Here’s the right way: Because everyone should remember these simple — yet important — steps. Our own, Dr. Dahn Ngo, has been featured in the health section the Metro US online. Dr. Ngo shares his thoughts on the proper techniques for hand washing.  Do you wash your […]

Posted on July 11 2018
News | Blog A New Practice is Joining the Family

Top Medical Offices in New York City Expand Accessibility to Patients on the Upper East Side New York, NY (May 14, 2018) – Medical Offices of Manhattan (MOM) and Manhattan Cardiology, top integrated medical practices with primary care physicians and cardiologists, are proud to announce the acquisition of Yaffe Ruden & Associates, LLP. This merger […]

Posted on May 14 2018
News His and Hers Health Guide for Every Age

Medical Offices of Manhattan and Dr. Kapoor are mentioned in a piece titled, “His & Hers Health Guide for Every Age.” The article discusses which medical tests are important at every age and why they’re so essential to healthy aging. The piece also highlights top preventative measures that men and women can take to reduce […]

Posted on May 4 2018
News What Is Fasted Cardio (and Can It Help Me Lose Weight Faster)?

Denise Pate, doctor of internal medicine at Medical Offices of Manhattan, to learn more about it—including whether fasted cardio is actually safe. What are the benefits of fasted cardio? “Fasted cardio is exercise done in a fasted state, in which your body is no longer processing or digesting food. Benefits include increased lipolysis, fat oxidation and decreased insulin […]

Posted on April 30 2018
News How to Tell the Difference Between Allergies and a Cold

Medical Office of Manhattan’s own Denise Pate, MD has given medical perspective in a piece on about “How to Tell the Difference Between Allergies and a Cold.” She was summarized as saying: While cold viruses exist year-round, you’re most likely to catch one during the fall and winter, when you’re stuck indoors breathing recirculated air, says […]

Posted on March 16 2018
News 5 Ways to Tell If You Sweat Too Much— and What You Can Do About It

Medical Office of Manhattan’s and LabFinder’s own Robert Segal, MD has given medical perspective in a piece on about “How to Tell the Difference Between Allergies and a Cold.” He was quoted as saying: Regular sweating—say, you’re in the middle of a deadlift session—is one of the ways our body keeps us from overheating, according to Robert […]

Posted on February 8 2018
News Can You Get the Flu Twice in One Season?

Medical Office of Manhattan’s own Denise Pate, MD has given medical perspective in a piece on about dehydration. She was quoted as saying: That’s because—stay with us here—there are four different types of the flu: influenza A, B, C, and D. Influenza A and influenza B cause the seasonal epidemics we’ve come to expect in the […]

Posted on February 8 2018
News Pregnant Women Should Be Extra Diligent in Staving Off the Flu This Season, Says a Doctor

Medical Office of Manhattan’s own Denise Pate, MD has given medical perspective in a piece on about “Pregnant Women Should Be Extra Diligent in Staving Off the Flu This Season, Says a Doctor.” She was quoted as saying: POPSUGAR spoke with Denise Pate, MD, a doctor of internal medicine at Medical Offices of Manhattan, who noted that […]

Posted on February 2 2018
News 5 Signs You’re Dehydrated That Have Nothing to Do With Thirst

Medical Office of Manhattan and LabFinder’s own Robert Segal, MD has given medical perspective in a piece on about dehydration. He was quoted as saying: The old adage, “If you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated!” is actually still up for debate among experts, but one thing is certain: Thirst is far from being your only signal that […]

Posted on January 17 2018
News How to Prevent Hemorrhoids From Ever Popping Up Again​

Medical Offices of Manhattan and LabFinder’s own Robert Segal, MD has given medical perspective in a piece on about how to prevent hemorrhoids. He was quoted as saying: Finally, keep moving. Being sedentary is connected to hemorrhoid problems, according to Robert Segal, M.D., founder and medical director of LabFinder. Exercising and just moving more in general reduces […]

Posted on January 16 2018
News How to Kick a Cold

Medical Offices of Manhattan’s own Lisa Kalik, MD has given medical perspective in a piece on WebMD’s Diabetes Supplement about how to kick a cold. He was quoted as saying: Kalik How to Kick a Cold “The most important thing you can do is wash your hands often.”

Posted on November 17 2017
News 13 Surprising Reasons You’re Nauseous

Medical Offices of Manhattan’s own Yevgeniy Vaynkof, MD has given medical perspective in a piece on about some of the reasons you are nauseous. He was quoted as saying: Often there’s a very specific, easy-to-pinpoint cause of nausea, notes Yevgeniy Vaynkof, MD, a family physician at Medical Offices of Manhattan in New York City, like morning sickness or how much […]

Posted on November 13 2017
News CDC: Nearly 40% of American adults have obesity

Medical Offices of Manhattan’s own Rocío Salas-Whalen, MD has given medical perspective in a piece on about obesity in American adults. She was quoted as saying: The CDC recently published a data report regarding increasing obesity rates in our country. The report notes different levels of prevalence correlating to age, sex, race, and ethnicity. As healthcare […]

Posted on October 14 2017
News 5 Things To Ask Yourself Before Taking Antibiotics

Medical Offices of Manhattan’s own Dr. Denise Pate was recently written an article on about when and if antibiotics are necessary. She was quoted as saying: It’s fall, and that means sore throats, sniffles, and coughing. No matter how much work we do to supercharge our immune system and wash our hands to prevent germs, sometimes we simply catch […]

Posted on October 9 2017
News You Might Be Low in This Hormone and Not Even Know It

Medical Offices of Manhattan’s own Dr. Denise Pate was recently quoted in a article about women and normal estrogen levels. She was quoted as saying: According to Pate, estrogen is a female hormone that’s naturally produced by the body (the version in hormonal birth control is synthetic and thus won’t serve as a legitimate substitute […]

Posted on October 7 2017
News What Causes Water Retention? We Asked a Physician

Medical Offices of Manhattan’s own Dr. Karnika Kapoor was recently quoted in a article about the causes of water retention. She was quoted as saying: There are many causes of water retention—your diet, lifestyle, medication, and hormones can all play a big factor. It can be easily treated if you maintain a healthy lifestyle and remain […]

Posted on August 28 2017
News Everything You Need to Know About Rhabdomyolysis (aka Rhabdo)

Medical Offices of Manhattan’s own Dr. Denise Pate was recently quoted in a article about Rhabdomyolysis or Rhabdo. She was quoted as saying: At its core, rhabdo simply means the breakdown of muscle tissue, says Alexis Colvin, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and the chief […]

Posted on August 23 2017
News Question: Is Wine Actually Good for You?

Medical Offices of Manhattan’s own Dr. Yevgeniy Vaynkof was recently quoted in a article about the health benefits of drinking wine. He was quoted as saying: Let’s start with the good. “Red wine specifically has been shown in several studies over the last 15 to 20 years to have some benefit in lowering the risk of type […]

Posted on August 21 2017
News Scabies: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Medical Offices of Manhattan’s own Dr. Karnika Kapoor was recently quoted in a article about scabies. She was quoted as saying: “Transmission of scabies is usually from person to person by direct contact,” said Karnika Kapoor, a primary care physician at Medical Offices of Manhattan. “Transmission from parents to children, and especially from mother […]

Posted on August 11 2017
News ​5 Signs Your Bloating Isn’t Normal

Medical Offices of Manhattan’s own Dr. Deevya Narayanan was quoted in Prevention Magazine’s Health article. Below is the section where she was was quoted: About 1% of the population has celiac disease, a condition in which your body has an autoimmune reaction to gluten that damages your intestinal lining. But it’s estimated that up to […]

Posted on August 9 2017
News Billy Crystal Tore a Rib Muscle from Sneezing

Medical Offices of Manhattan’s own Dr Jyoti Kini was recently quoted in an article from Here’s her quote: “We have several muscles, which help the ribs move and help us breathe, namely internal intercostal muscles, external intercostal muscles, subcostalis muscle and the transverse thoracis muscle,” Jyoti Kini MD, primary care doctor at Medical Offices […]

Posted on August 8 2017
News Medical Offices of Manhattan Founder, Dr. Robert Segal is Awarded as a Castle Connolly Regional Top Physician

Castle Connolly Medical Ltd., America’s trusted source for identifying Top Doctors, announced its Regional Top Doctors of 2014. Physicians are selected by peer nominations, as the very best in their specialties and in their communities. More than 50,000 physicians and hospital and healthcare executives, were invited to participate, and the Regional Top Doctors selected, are […]

Posted on December 15 2014