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Medical Offices of Manhattan
Why is my left ear ringing? Causes of tinnitus in one ear

Tinnitus, sometimes known as ringing in the ears, is an annoying condition. Many report hearing a high-pitched ringing that, although it may not completely overpower other sounds, certainly draws attention to itself when it does. Tinnitus sufferers may also hear chirping, clicking, humming, pulsating, whistling, or whooshing, among other noises. Tinnitus is caused by a variety of medical issues and may affect anyone; however, it is more prevalent in the elderly with hearing loss.

According to Jared Braunstein, DO, a board-certified internist from the Medical Offices of Manhattan, tinnitus is often caused by hearing loss, particularly in the elderly population. However, hearing loss may occur at any age owing to many circumstances. Read the article.