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Medical Offices of Manhattan
If You Have ED, Your Thyroid May Be Sending You Signals

It’s possible that your libido has just begun to falter. Alternatively, erectile dysfunction may be a problem. You may be preoccupied with thoughts of intimacy lately, but have you given any attention to your thyroid? Thyroid issues may lead to sexual dysfunction and poor desire since the gland has been associated with sex drive and erectile dysfunction (ED) in both sexes. While there are several potential reasons for erectile dysfunction and low libido, such as stress at work or the use of blood pressure medication (1), a typical culprit is the thyroid.

The linkages between thyroid, libido, and erectile dysfunction are examined in more detail by Yoshua Quinones, M.D., of the Medical Offices of Manhattan. The author also discusses methods that may assist in calming the alarm that your thyroid has been sounding. Read the article.