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Medical Offices of Manhattan
4 foods to avoid while taking injectable weight-loss medications.

The FDA has approved the most recent injectable weight loss medications, which are revolutionary for people with type 2 diabetes because they help patients lose weight while also lowering blood sugar levels. Diabetics may improve their health and wellbeing by lowering their blood sugar levels and losing weight.

Although the diabetic medication may cause you to eat less often or in smaller portions, the quality of your food is still important. Sugary meals will continue to increase blood sugar levels, and fatty foods will continue to increase cholesterol. Adopting a healthier diet and increasing physical activity are complementary to the use of these weight-reduction medications. Eliminating certain items from your diet may further reduce the medication’s negative effects. Jared Braunstein, DO, an internist with Medical Offices of Manhattan and contributor to LabFinder, can tell you which foods are the worst for your weight loss goals. Read the article.