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The Fundamentals of Crohn’s Disease

With Crohn’s disease, you have a lot more than just stomach pain. Chronic stomach problems that come with things that make life less enjoyable, like being tired, having joint pain, and other symptoms that seem to happen for no reason.

The GI system swells in people with Crohn’s disease and other inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). But Crohn’s is different in some ways. The main difference is that it is known as an inflammatory disease. In a way similar to ulcerative colitis, this means that gut germs that aren’t harmful are confused for alien things by the body’s defenses.

Crohn’s disease is different from other long-term gut problems because it can affect many body parts at once. Anywhere in the digestive system can have inflammation, which is bad for the body and causes symptoms. New York City-based gastroenterologist Pratima Dibba, M.D. explains all you need to know about this malady. Read the article.