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Medical Offices of Manhattan
Here’s What Science Says About The Best Time To Work Out

Medical Offices of Manhattan’s Internist, Dr. Denise Pate speaks to PureWow about the best time to workout.

Morning Work Out Pros

1. More Likely To Stick With It

2. More Energetic Throughout The Day

3. May Lose Weight Faster

  • Denise Pate says that the benefits of working out on an empty stomach “include increased lipolysis, fat oxidation, and decreased insulin levels. Increased lipolysis is when the body breaks down fatty cells to use them as energy, and fat oxidation is when the body burns the energy from fat cells when the body’s glycogen (the body’s storage form of energy) is low.”

Evening Work Out Pros

1. Can Get More Out Of Your Workout

2. May Sleep Better

3. Less Prone To Injury

4. May Become Less Stressed

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