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Medical Offices of Manhattan
The Best and Worst Foods to Eat When You’re Sick

Medical Offices of Manhattan’s Internist, Dr. Denise Pate speaks to Livestrong about the best and worst foods to eat when you’re sick.

She’s quoted saying:

Foods To Help You Recover

1. Tea

2. Honey

3. Garlic

4. Mushrooms

5. Citrus Fruits

6. Ginger

7. Probiotic-Rich Foods

8. Shellfish

9. Chicken Soup

“The protein in chicken helps provide the body with energy to recover and the fluids in the soup aid in the body’s hydration, which can help in its recuperation from illness, including the flu.”

Foods To Avoid When You’re Sick

1. Artificial Sweeteners

2. Dairy

3. Caffeine

View the original piece placement on Livestrong.