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Medical Offices of Manhattan
Cancer screenings: Here are 5 types and critical information to know about each

Screenings are essential for detecting the illness in its early stages before symptoms occur. This is the time when the chances of successfully treating the disease are greater. The American Cancer Society (ACS) estimates that there will be more than 1.9 million new cancer cases identified in the United States in 2023.

Due to the fact that different forms of cancer are screened using different procedures, some patients may be confused about which physicians they should visit. There have been over one hundred different forms of cancer identified, yet tests aren’t always necessary or even advised for everyone.

Dr. Paunel Vukasinov is an internal medicine expert who is board-certified and works as the medical director at the Medical Offices of Manhattan in New York City. He recently provided his views and suggestions for yearly cancer screenings, as well as the reasons why it is essential to identify illness in its early stages. Read the article.