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Medical Offices of Manhattan
How MRE Imaging May Help With Crohn’s Disease

Magnetic resonance enterography (MRE) scans are an essential tool for determining if your health is improving, remaining stable, or deteriorating when you have Crohn’s disease, which is an inflammatory bowel illness that affects your digestive system, including the small or large intestine. This allows for the appropriate management of the disease. Labfinder offers this test if you need it.

Additionally, these scans are essential in order to arrive at a diagnosis. Imaging may be done in a number of different ways, and one of the most common approaches is magnetic resonance enterography, often known as MRE. Contrast dye is used in this test in order to assist in the detection of inflammation and problems associated with your illness. Pratima Dibba, M.D., a gastroenterologist working at the Medical Offices of Manhattan in New York City, explains that magnetic resonance enterography (MRE) is a kind of imaging that does not generate radiation and is used to analyze the small intestine. Read the article.