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Medical Offices of Manhattan
Your Guide to Shaving with Eczema

Because eczema creates sensitive skin, shaving may be difficult for those who have this condition. The use of moisturizer in a strategic manner, the use of hair removal methods that are meticulous, and the use of the correct shaving technique may all help avoid shaving-related flare-ups.

The skin barrier may malfunction as one of the causes of eczema, but hypersensitivity to irritants is a major factor in the condition’s development. Having skin that is hypersensitive to allergens and irritants may lead to continuous irritation, which in turn can make some tasks that are performed on a daily basis, such as shaving, much more difficult. Patients suffering from eczema may benefit from the particular suggestions made by Dr. Amy Huang, a board-certified dermatologist who practices at the Medical Offices of Manhattan. Read the article