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Medical Offices of Manhattan

Medical Offices of Manhattan’s Gastroenterologist, Dr. Andrea Culliford speaks to Well and Good about ways to stop nervous poops.

She is quoted saying:

The gut’s nervous system—also known as the enteric nervous system—relies on neuropeptides and neurotransmitters like serotonin to regulate both intestinal motility and secretion.  Nervousness or anxiety can cause one to feel the need to go to the bathroom frequently in anxious situations and is related to the brain and gut’s nervous systems sending each other messages in times of stress or anxiety.

Top 5 tips on how to stop nervous poops

1. Decrease Caffeine Intake

It’s crucial to decrease caffeine intake as it may exacerbate the need to go to the bathroom.

2. Be Aware Of What You’re Eating

Avoid food and drink that give you the symptoms. For example, milk/dairy or anything fried tends to exacerbate the situation and make people feel like they have to run to the bathroom.

3. Destress With Exercise And Meditation

Decrease stress and anxiety through regular exercises, such as yoga. Also consider stress-reducing techniques like meditation, biofeedback therapy, or hypnotherapy.

4. Make Sure You’re Getting Enough Fiber

We usually only get 10 to 12 grams per day in our daily diet. To make sure you’re reaching your fiber goals, eat plenty of veggies, lentils, and whole grains.

5. See A Doctor If You Need To

It’s always a good idea to make sure nothing more worrisome is happening, such as celiac disease or inflammatory bowel disease.

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