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Assessment of Breathing Tests in Addressing New York City’s Public Health Emergency

Due to low air quality, New York City is currently experiencing a serious health crisis. The worrying amounts of contaminants in the air endanger the respiratory health of its citizens. The necessity for reliable techniques to assess and monitor lung function becomes important in such a severe circumstance. This is where breathing tests come in handy. 

What is Spirometry (aka Breathing Tests)?

Spirometry is a simple yet effective diagnostic method for the assessment of breathing. It measures how much air a person can take and exhale forcibly, as well as how quickly they can do it. This test gives vital information regarding the lungs, allowing healthcare providers to detect and monitor respiratory diseases, especially in cases where the patient has underlying asthma, emphysema, or allergies.

Why are Breathing Tests Necessary?

  • Spirometry testing can detect respiratory problems in their early stages, allowing for rapid management and preventing future deterioration of lung health.
  • Spirometry tests assist determine an individual’s risk of developing respiratory disorders such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and other lung-related ailments by assessing lung capacity and airflow.
  • For people who have previously been diagnosed with respiratory disorders, regular spirometry tests can assist in tracking the course of their condition and assess the success of therapies.
  • Spirometry tests can identify vulnerable populations, such as children, the elderly, and individuals who have pre-existing respiratory illnesses, who may be more vulnerable to the negative consequences of poor air quality.

Please speak to your MOM physician if you have any respiratory issues and they can help guide you through this current health crisis.