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Medical Offices of Manhattan
Is there a link between eczema and oral health?

The itching, redness, and irritation that characterize eczema are shared symptoms across the many inflammatory skin disorders that fall under this umbrella term. There are over 31 million Americans who suffer from eczema. Among eczema types, atopic dermatitis is the most prevalent.

The connection between eczema and oral health, on the other hand, extends farther than dry lips and secondary infections combined. The relationship seems to be two-way, which means that dental health may have an effect on eczema, and eczema can also have an effect on mouth health.

Comorbidities, or disorders related to eczema, are other health issues that might manifest alongside the skin condition. Some studies have shown that oral health problems may develop more often than eczema, in addition to known comorbidities such as cardiovascular disease, eye disease, and certain mental health issues.  Dr. Amy Huang, a board certified dermatologist from the Medical Offices of Manhattan, goes through the relationship between eczema and oral health. Read the article.