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Medical Offices of Manhattan
The 12 Best Hemorrhoid Treatments, Tested and Reviewed

In most cases, increased pressure in the rectum and anus is the cause of hemorrhoids, which are characterized by the presence of enlarged veins in those body parts. Some individuals are totally unaware that they have hemorrhoids, while others are acutely aware of their condition and are in dire need of relief as soon as possible.

This is where over-the-counter hemorrhoid remedies come into play: these products, which include creams and ointments containing substances such as witch hazel, hydrocortisone, and phenylephrine, as well as specialized pillows and bath salts, have the ability to decrease swelling in a safe and expedient manner, as well as soothe skin that is irritating. In the case of several of these over-the-counter drugs, Pratima Dibba, MD, a gastroenterologist working for Medical Offices of Manhattan, offered her professional recommendations. Read the article.