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Medical Offices of Manhattan
This Is the #1 Sign that You’re Drinking Enough Water

There is a dearth of uniform guidelines on the subject, which contributes to the misunderstanding that exists around the specific amount of water that one should consume. While there are particular guidelines about the number of hours of sleep and exercise that we should get, there is no conventional advice regarding the amount of water that we should consume.

There is, however, a solid reason why there is no official magic quantity of ounces of water that should be consumed on a daily basis. The amount of water that each individual needs is distinct and individual.

Recognizing the indicators that you are drinking an adequate amount of water might assist you in determining your own. Dr. Jared Braunstein, DO, an internist who is board-certified and works at Medical Offices of Manhattan, explains the most significant indication that you are watering yourself to the fullest extent possible. Read the article.