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Medical Offices of Manhattan
Why are my palms itchy?

Itchy palms are associated with bad luck in certain cultures. There is a school of thought that says itching hands are a sign of impending success. However, your itching may really be a symptom of one of numerous medical diseases. Depending on what is causing you to itch, you may experience additional symptoms, including a runny nose, rashes, or flaky skin. Some causes of itching palms signal a more severe health issue, while others are harmless and go away by themselves.

 Richard Kim, MD, a board-certified internist with the Medical Offices of Manhattan and contributor to LabFinder, explores some of the possibilities. Even though having itchy hands is not often an indication that there is anything seriously wrong with you, it is important to see a doctor if the itching is extreme or if it does not go away. Read the article.