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Medical Offices of Manhattan
Are colon cleanses good for you?

The claims that detoxes and cleanses may aid weight loss, increase energy, and “get rid of toxins” are not new. One that “wellness gurus” have brought to the masses in recent years is colon cleansing, often dubbed a colonic. So, are colonics risk-free? Do you really need them for your gut?

Always get your doctor’s okay before having a colonic, which is basically simply emptying your G.I. tract; they may be helpful for certain things, like getting ready for a colonoscopy, but they aren’t risk-free.

In this article, Pratima Dibba, MD, a board-certified gastroenterologist with the Medical Offices of Manhattan, and two other gastroenterologists explain colonics in detail, including their purpose, potential dangers and side effects, and non-gimmick alternatives to maintain gut health. Read more