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Medical Offices of Manhattan
This Is the Early Sign of Gallstones People Miss the Most Often

People who have had a gallbladder attack before will tell you how terrible it is. The pain is so bad that it can make you feel sick, make you throw up, or give you chills. Some people find it even more strange when they think about how often they don’t think about their gallbladders. What does it do? Do you even know where it is?

Stones in the gallbladder, which are made up of bile, cause seizures. The increase usually happens without the person noticing until they have an attack in their gallbladder. But if you know the most common signs of gallstones, you might be able to get help early and avoid an attack. Expert on Digestive Health Dr. Shilpa Mehra Dang, who works at the Medical Offices of Manhattan and writes for, says that gallstones come in many shapes and sizes. Read this article.