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Medical Offices of Manhattan
Here are 5 self-care tips to speed pink eye recovery.

One morning, you notice that your eyelashes are crusty. Your itchy, watery eyes won’t quit as the day progresses. You look in the mirror and see that your eye is red and swollen. At first, you may think it’s because of allergies or dry eyes. It hits you like a ton of bricks when you find out you have conjunctivitis, or pink eye. The bright side? Although it may be rather unpleasant, pink eye is often easy to cure at home by following some basic self-care instructions for conjunctivitis.

The thin membrane that covers the front of your eye and the inside of your eyelids is inflamed when you have conjunctivitis. This layer keeps your eye safe from germs and other things that can irritate it when you blink. Jared Braunstein, DO, a board-certified internist with Medical Offices of Manhattan, gives you the essential information on this subject. Read the article.