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Medical Offices of Manhattan
Does your pubic hair grow back faster than other hair?

There’s a curious aspect about pubic hair that seems to grow back so quickly if you regularly trim, shave, or wax it. But does it really grow back faster than other hair? How you choose to remove your pubes can affect how they grow back—and how much you notice it growing back—which might give the impression that it’s growing back faster. Because the hair is thicker and rougher, shaving might cause ingrown hairs and irritation. Trimming, waxing, and lasers, on the other hand, might cause less irritation.

Dermatologist Amy Huang, M.D., who works at Medical Offices of Manhattan and contributes to LabFinder, says that people who get acne or have very curly hair may notice more razor bumps and ingrown hairs than other people. Find out more by reading this article.

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