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Medical Offices of Manhattan
Why You Shouldn’t Chew Pills That You Can’t Swallow

It is possible that you do not give much thought to the idea of swallowing pills or capsules with a large amount of water while you are taking medicine. Pills, however, are not something that everyone finds easy to take. The percentage of individuals who have trouble swallowing medications ranges from ten percent to forty percent.

Out of this group, the majority of people believe that the physical properties of the pill itself, such as its size, shape, texture, or flavor, are the cause of their reluctance to take tablets. Others may develop a psychological reaction that causes them to avoid taking medicine after experiencing anything unpleasant or traumatic, such as choking or gagging, which causes them to avoid swallowing medication. Pratima Dibba, M.D., a gastroenterologist at the Medical Offices of Manhattan, guides you through the reasons why you shouldn’t chew or crush medications. Read the article.