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Dr. Wai Zaw

Dr. Wai Zaw

Primary Care

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Languages: Burmese, English

Wai Zaw, MD is a board-certified primary care doctor specializing in preventive medicine. She completed her residency at the Richmond University Medical Center on Staten Island.

Day to day, she focuses on helping her patients achieve optimal physical and mental health. She sees primary care as the patient’s first, and often best, resource for early intervention, quality care, and timely referrals. Dr. Zaw takes her time with each patient, exploring their health history, answering their questions, and making sure they are fully informed about their treatment options. Her mission is to provide the kind of knowledgeable and compassionate care that promotes lasting health and wellness.

Growing up in Myanmar, she watched her grandfather suffer from several medical conditions. Dr. Zaw also saw how difficult it was for him to find a doctor who could not only provide the care he needed, but also truly listen and seek to understand both his physical issues and his state of mind. These experiences inspired her to pursue medicine and contributed to her philosophy of treating patients holistically, with as much attention to their mental health as their physical health.

She is fluent in English and Burmese. She joined the Medical Offices of Manhattan in 2023.

Dr. Wai Zaw's Reviews

I had a great experience with this office. The check-in procedure was smooth and I was seen on time. Dr. Zaw was really kind and easy to talk to. I...
It was excellent! Clean offices, everyone was very nice and considerate; it was an overall smooth experience
I would go back they were very nice and caring. And quick!