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Dr. Victoria Finn

Dr. Victoria Finn


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Languages: English, Russian

Victoria Finn, MD is a dedicated and compassionate medical professional with a strong commitment to improving the lives of her patients. Dr. Finn is a board-certified doctor licensed to practice in the state of New York. She embarked on her journey in healthcare with a profound desire to help people, influenced by a family of physicians who instilled in her the transformative power of medical practice. Graduating with honors (summa cum laude) from Volgograd Medical University in Russia in 2001, she has since become a distinguished specialist in the field of endocrinology. Dr. Finn's expertise extends to various metabolic disorders, with a focus on diabetes management and the intricate web of hormonal systems that influence our well-being.

In her practice, Dr. Finn delivers personalized care rooted in cutting-edge endocrinology research. She recognizes that patient well-being extends beyond treating medical issues, encompassing emotional and physical concerns, ensuring her patients feel heard, respected, and comfortable. With expertise in managing complex cases like thyroid nodules and neuroendocrine manifestations, she excels in thyroid ultrasound, biopsy, DEXA interpretation, and insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring management.

Dr. Victoria Finn, fluent in Russian, actively engages in esteemed medical associations like the American College of Physicians, The Endocrine Society, American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, and the American Diabetes Association. She ardently promotes evidence-based medicine and emphasizes the importance of professional guidance over online health advice. Dr. Finn's unwavering dedication to her patients, her scientific passion, and her commitment to holistic and personalized care have solidified her as a respected and invaluable member of the medical community.

Dr. Victoria Finn's Care Team

Yana Masikhaeva, NP

Nurse Practitioner

Yana Masikhaeva, NP, is a compassionate healthcare professional driven by a desire to improve the well-being of her community. Beginning...

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Good morning, it was nice seeing my endocrinologist, Dr. Victoria Finn. I am extremely grateful for her, as she has helped me tremendously. She is a wonderful person and just...
Couldn’t be more pleased with Dr. Finn. She is knowledgeable, kind and someone you feel you can rely on. Highly recommend her.
I found Dr. Finn to be a very thorough, professional and caring doctor. I feel like I'm in very good hands with her.