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Dr. Su Hlaing Hnin

Dr. Su Hlaing Hnin

Internal Medicine

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Seeing patients at:

UWS - 112 West 72nd Street

112A West 72nd street

New York, NY, 10023


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Languages: Burmese, English, Mandarin

Dr. Su Hlaing Hnin is a dedicated board-certified internal medicine doctor with a commitment to patient-centered care. She earned her medical degree from the University of Medicine 1 in Yangon. As an active member of the American College of Physicians - Resident chapter and the Resident council of the Myanmar American Medical Education Society, Dr. Hnin is deeply engaged in advancing medical knowledge and healthcare excellence. Her contributions to the field include publications and presentations on various medical topics, reflecting her commitment to research and medical education.

Dr. Hnin's focus on primary care is driven by her passion for forming strong patient relationships and providing comprehensive, holistic care. She values the role of a primary care physician in diagnosing and treating various conditions across different organ systems, emphasizing early detection and prevention. Her compassionate approach, combined with her medical expertise, positions her as a dedicated advocate for patient-centered primary care.

With proficiency in English, Burmese, and Basic Mandarin, Dr. Hnin is not only a skilled internist but also a multilingual communicator, making her a valuable asset to diverse healthcare settings. Her blend of clinical expertise, research acumen, and commitment to serving others defines her as a promising and compassionate medical professional. Beyond her clinical work, Dr. Hnin is dedicated to preventive healthcare and has volunteered her medical expertise in underserved rural areas.

Dr. Su Hlaing Hnin's Reviews

Dr Hnin was great!
Great office, beautiful and clean, excellent staff... A great experience overall!
I'm so glad to have found Dr. Su, she is great. Comprehensive and with attention to detail. Glad to be in good hands!