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Matias Salazar, PA

Matias Salazar, PA

Physician Assistant

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Matias Salazar is a dedicated physician assistant who earned his Masters of Medical Science from Chapman University in 2021. As an active member of the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA), Matias is committed to extending access to medical care and enhancing health literacy among his patients. His passion for patient-centered care led him to pursue a career as a physician assistant, with a focus on cardiology.

Matias approaches cardiology with a deep understanding of its complexities, recognizing it as a specialty that demands expertise in both the electrical and hemodynamic aspects of the heart. He prioritizes patient empowerment through education and emphasizes lifestyle modifications before medical therapy, fostering patient autonomy and active participation in their healthcare journey.

For Matias, patient care goes beyond just treating physical ailments; it encompasses addressing the mental well-being of his patients as well. He believes in fostering a supportive environment where patients feel comfortable asking questions, learning about their conditions, and expressing their concerns. What Matias finds most rewarding about his job is the opportunity to tackle new challenges with each unique patient encounter, recognizing that no two patients are alike and that there's always a new problem to solve.

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