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Medical Offices of Manhattan
Dr. Robert Meltzer

Dr. Robert Meltzer


Seeing patients at:

Midtown East (51st & 3rd)
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Language: English

Robert Meltzer, MD is a highly skilled and experienced gastroenterologist who has been helping patients with the diagnosis and treatment of digestive health issues for over 35 years. Since completing his gastroenterology fellowship in 1984, Dr. Meltzer has been practicing throughout the New York City metropolitan area in both hospital and private practice settings, as well as on a consulting basis with several area medical practices. He also possesses a double board certification in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology.

Having entered the medical profession with a specific desire to connect personally with people and help them on a one to one basis, Dr. Meltzer has a patient-centered approach to treatment that emphasizes trust, communication, and honesty. While many gastrointestinal disorders are not curable, almost all of them can be treated or managed in a way that improves happiness, comfort, and quality of life. Dr. Meltzer is a strong believer in making GI healthcare as accessible, understandable, and comfortable as possible for all of his patients.

Dr. Meltzer joined the team at Medical Offices of Manhattan in 2021 and is currently seeing patients with a primary focus on screening colonoscopies and diagnostic endoscopies.

Dr. Robert Meltzer's Reviews

Dr Meltzer made me feel calm and did a thorough job taking care of me. Thank you!
Dr Meltzer was terrific. He explained the process for the procedure and answered each of my questions. I am most appreciative.
I had a positive experience at my last visit. Dr. Meltzer is a great doctor and his nurse was really nice and sweet. Initial check-in was very quick and smooth.