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Dr. Shafaq Tarar

Dr. Shafaq Tarar

Primary Care

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Languages: English, Urdu, Hindi

Dr. Shafaq Tarar, a compassionate and dedicated physician, received her medical education at Khyber Medical University in Peshawar, Pakistan. With affiliations in SGIM, ABIM, WHO, APNA, and ACP, she contributes significantly to the medical field through extensive publications and presentations. Her commitment to advancing medical knowledge is demonstrated through various talks, reflecting her dedication to improving patient care.

Emphasizing holistic patient care and long-term relationships, Dr. Tarar ensures comprehensive understanding of patients' medical history for tailored treatment plans. Proficient in English, Urdu, and Hindi, she ensures effective communication with diverse patients. Dr. Tarar also maintains a strong focus on women's health, advocating for and prioritizing comprehensive care and support for female patients.

Driven by personal experiences, her journey into medicine addresses healthcare disparities. Her favorite part of being a doctor is the profound human connection and the opportunity to guide and support patients in challenging times. Engaging in philanthropic work, she contributed to disaster relief, healthcare initiatives, and research for better pain management in cancer patients. Dr. Shafaq Tarar exemplifies a healthcare professional committed to medical expertise, community service, and patient well-being.

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