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Medical Offices of Manhattan
Meet Dr Mejdi Ahmad | Gastroenterology Department | MOM

Meet one of our gastroenterologist’s, Dr. Mejdi Ahmad! Learn more about him by watching this video.

My name is Dr. Mejdi Ahmad and I am the director of Medical Offices of Manhattan Gastroenterology.

I went to medical school at SUNY Downstate from 1991 to 1995. Did my residency at North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset here in Long Island and did my fellowship training in gastroenterology and hepatology at Hershey Medical Center in Pennsylvania.

I wanted to become a doctor because I can recall from when I was young, when I had a tummy ache I just wanted somebody to help me with that tummy ache. So when it had come time to specialize, I thought about the gastroenterology and specialty with its diverse organs in there, the intestine, the stomach, the liver, pancreas, the gallbladder, the esophagus, and how I can help people. I think I’ve made a big difference in treating patients all these years.

Since 1982, I’ve been living in New York City and Long Island. And for that reason, I consider myself a New Yorker. My family, we have two brothers that are also physicians, so I am happy and proud that a lot of us are in the medical field. I have my own family and four children. One of whom, my oldest daughter is in the public health area in New York City. And I do enjoy playing tennis and the piano in my spare time.

What’s so special about being a physician here at Medical Offices of Manhattan is that when a patient comes, we do take the time to evaluate the patient’s complaints, come up with their diagnoses and a treatment plan that takes into account their whole body. It also is important to let patients know that we do take time to talk amongst each other as physicians about that patient so that there is a great deal of interdisciplinary cooperation in caring for our patients.