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The Dangers That Lurk at BBQs

It’s officially summer! Have you been to a BBQ yet? Or perhaps had a picnic? Taking advantage of the warm weather and eating outside is a favorite summer pastime for many of us.

Before you fire up the grill and get the macaroni salad out, there are a couple of food safety tips you should keep in mind.

1. Make sure beef and poultry are fully cooked. Don’t let your eyeballs be the judge if meat is done, use a thermometer. According to the USDA, ground beef should be cooked to at least 160° and poultry should be at 165°. These internal temperatures should kill any bacteria that may be lurking.

2. Pay attention to how long food is sitting out in the summer heat. If it’s 90° or higher outside (yikes!), perishables can start to grow bacteria after one hour. Temps under 90° (down to 40°) will cause bacteria to grow after two hours.

Need help making nutritious choices this summer? Schedule a phone consultation with our Registered Dietitian, Leah Silberman.