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Medical Offices of Manhattan

I liked the location. Clean and easy accessible. Dr. Jyoti first impression was calm and kind. She listens and gives suggestions. I would say allow more time for yourself if you have specific issues you want to address. I had a 1:30 appointment and left at 3:15. So give yourself time. The Medical Assistant who helped me today was very professional and warm. I like the fact blood work is right next door. I missed the front desk woman, she was so nice and professional. She even charged my phone (she sits to the far left). I would say because I work in the medical field I am always critical of how people treat patients. Some of the other staff were not as professional. When completing my letter to go back to work one staff member seemed as if it was a hurdle of a request. But the woman who charged my phone promptly completed the paperwork and allowed the visit to end on a good note. I think for a first time visit my overall experience was a 7.5. Dr. Jyoti will call to follow up with me so I am looking forward to getting to build a relationship with her and post a follow up review.