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What is the PillCam™ COLON2 system?

One of the newest diagnostic procedures offered by Medical Offices of Manhattan’s expert GI team is the PillCam™ COLON2 colonoscopy system, a state-of-the-art, noninvasive alternative to traditional colonoscopy. This procedure involves ingesting a small capsule roughly the size of a vitamin tablet which then passes through the gastrointestinal tract and sends images back to a recorder that the patient wears around their shoulders. This allows visual observation of the colon in order to diagnose colon polyps or other warning signs of bowel cancer.

Why is the PillCam™ COLON2 system used?

The PillCam™ COLON2 system is used to diagnose colon polyps in cases where a traditional colonoscopy could not be completed. In the case of an invasive colonoscopy, this could be because something inhibited the doctor’s technical ability to complete the procedure, or because an issue such as bleeding of the lower gastrointestinal tract or negative reactions to certain anesthetics cause the procedure to be dangerous to attempt.

How do you prepare for a PillCam™ COLON2 endoscopy?

You and your doctor reach the conclusion that a PillCam™ COLON2 endoscopy is right for you only after you have gone over your personal medical history and relevant symptoms. In order for the PillCam™ to provide effective imaging for an accurate diagnosis, your colon will need to be fully cleared, meaning you will be asked to fast for several hours prior to the procedure. Laxatives may also be prescribed in many cases. It is critical to closely follow any pre-procedure instructions you have received from your doctor.

What can you expect during a PillCam™ COLON2 endoscopy?

After swallowing the PillCam™ capsule, the diagnostic procedure takes between eight and nine hours to complete. Images from the capsule will be transmitted to a recorder which must remain strapped around your shoulders for the duration of the process. You should avoid being near any powerful magnetic forces such as those from an MRI machine until the capsule has been excreted from the body.

What is the followup like for a PillCam™ COLON2 endoscopy?

There is no recovery time for a PillCam™ COLON2 endoscopy process, and any followup will depend on the findings of the diagnostic procedure. If any abnormalities are discovered, these will likely be removed through a more traditional endoscopy process later on. Your doctor will review your test results with you and discuss all treatment options with you during a followup appointment.

What are the potential risks of the PillCam™ COLON2 system?

This is a quite low-risk procedure, but there is a small risk of choking on the capsule or not being able to excrete it from the body. It is also highly important for your doctor to be aware of any allergies or intolerances so that you do not have a negative reaction to any laxatives or other preparations for the procedure.

Are there related tests to PillCam™ COLON2?

Medical Offices of Manhattan offers a number of different disease screening procedures, including cancer screeningsupper endoscopy, and colonoscopy.

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