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Medical Offices of Manhattan

The office is very straightforward, nothing super fancy. They did a good job of getting me in the room- after the nurse spoke with me to get my vitals down, I waited around 15-20 minutes. Dr Khosla is incredible- very kind, good bedside manner. It felt like she was actually having a conversation with me about my concerns instead of just lecturing (which is how some doctors have felt in the past). I also felt like I could share my health concerns with her and she didn’t rush me into lots of tests or treatment (I’ve also been in situations where it feels like the doctor is prescribing things left and right for seemingly no reason). Additionally, the lab next door where I got my blood drawn was very quick and efficient, and the technicians were incredibly kind. Overall, I’m happy to say that I think I’ve found my primary care physician in the city. I should mention that I haven’t gone through the billing process yet.