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What Exactly Does an Endocrinologist Do?

An endocrinologist is a medical specialist who has chosen to focus their career on the study of hormones and their effects on the human body. The endocrine system consists of a network of glands and hormones that control a wide range of physiological functions, and endocrinologists are medical specialists who diagnose and treat conditions associated with this system. The following are some of the main functions of an endocrinologist:

  • Diagnose diabetes, thyroid diseases (ranging from hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism to nodular goiter and thyroid cancer), adrenal and pituitary gland disorders, calcium and bone disorders, and reproductive hormone problems are only some of the ailments and disorders that endocrinologists are trained to identify. Weight management is another important field managed by endocrinologists.
  • Once an endocrinologist has made a diagnosis, they will work with the patient to create a treatment plan. Hormonal imbalances may be corrected with the use of medicine, hormone replacement therapy, or other therapies.
  • In order to determine whether or not a patient’s current course of therapy is working, endocrinologists follow their cases over time. They may do diagnostic procedures such as blood testing on a regular basis to make sure hormone levels are at target, a thyroid sonogram to monitor the nodules’ size, and reviewing continuous blood glucose monitoring data.
  • Education on the patient’s condition, treatment choices, and lifestyle changes that could help in the management of hormonal abnormalities is a common part of an endocrinologist’s role. 
  • When treating patients with complicated hormonal diseases, endocrinologists often collaborate with primary care doctors, surgeons, radiologists, and dietitians.

When it comes to detecting and treating hormonal imbalances and illnesses, endocrinologists are essential to their patients’ ability to live healthier, longer lives. You should see an endocrinologist if you have any concerns about your hormone levels or if you have been diagnosed with a hormone-related disorder. Learn more about our endocrinologist, Dr. Victoria Finn.

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