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Medical Offices of Manhattan

Dr Kapoor was great. I am young and relatively healthy but recently started experiencing some chronic illnesses so understandably this physical exam took a little longer (little over 2 hrs) Some may say she “over orders” tests or referral to specialists, but I think if your insurance covers them, why not do them? During my exam I got EKG, sonnogram for my heart and thyroid, detailed blood pressure exam, and some additional bloodwork even though I had a full panel done a month ago. I definitely like having the peace of mind when all these tests can confirm that my body is working the way it should be. I definitely will go back to her for follow up and for my next physical. Nilsa who did my bloodwork was FANTASTIC. My veins are hard to find and I’ve had plenty of medical professionals unable to draw blood from me. With Nilsa it was quick and painless. The front desk is not too pleasant though. When I first walked in the person at the front desk insisted my appt is at 8am instead of 8:30am and tells me I’m late. Also don’t bother filling out forms on zocdoc because the office do not utilize them and you are just wasting your time putting your detailed medical history on zocdoc checkin.