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Medical Offices of Manhattan

Dr. Soomro is phenomenal. She spent a long time getting to know me and talking to me about my medical needs, both in terms of physical and mental health. She was very thorough in asking questions about my medical history and in answering my questions. She was warm and friendly and I felt totally comfortable talking to her about things doctors have been dismissive of in the past. She was very thorough and detail oriented throughout the exam; she listened to everything I had to say and did not rush at all. Also, it’s a small detail, but the vaccine administered to me was the least painful I’ve ever had. I am happy I found such a wonderful doctor!

About the office/staff/etc.: after finishing my intake paperwork I only had to wait about 5 minutes until a nurse brought me to a very nice exam room (small, but very up-to-date and clean). She did the usual height, weight, blood pressure check, etc. and then I waited about 10 minutes for the doctor, which is much less than I’m used to. After the appointment I received my referrals from the front desk staff, closed out, and went next door to have blood drawn. It was all very efficient and everyone was friendly. The waiting area felt clean and comfortable.