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Medical Offices of Manhattan

I have been a patient for 30 years and I am indebted to Dr Yafee and his team for their trust, compassion, dignity, and outstanding practice, above all for my wellness 30 years later!

There is no better feeling in life than being in the hands of someone who cared for you and your well-being 30 years back and who continues to do so today. This team brings very strong network of experts, state of the art equipment, innovation and clarity, they know how to calm you down, keep your spirits up, and give you hope and faith.

I was hospitalized recently with following a severe GI episode. I was treated so well and recovered because of Dr. Yafee’s specialty in the gastrointestinal area, reputation as a doctor and as a human being, and unique network of doctors he connected back then and are still happy to see me!

My sincere gratitude to Grace, Dr. Zaiff and of course Dr. Ruden!

Keep going and thank you for giving so much back to your community and to all of us. It is a call back that can save your life, and I am very fortunate to have Dr. Yafee there to answer it for 30 years!