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Medical Offices of Manhattan

I’ve seen a fair share of doctors over the years. I think Dr. Kini is one of the best. She’s very thorough. Whenever I see her, I find myself spending much more time with her than expected. We review my entire history and really go over anything that’s currently bothering me. I appreciate her attention to detail and her willingness to explain.

In addition, she did something that I truly appreciate. We were discussing a specific issue. We got into a bit of detail and I was voicing some opinion and concern about how we were handling it. At one point, she said “I’m not an expert in this area. I think you should speak to an expert and then we can work together on it afterwards. Here are the names of several experts that other patients have used and like. See one of them and then lets discuss again”. And she was 100% right in making that judgement call. Other doctors could have simply gone forward with their opinion or been influenced by my opinion. But she wanted to do the right thing – and she did. I like that in my doctors.