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Medical Offices of Manhattan

I’ve been a patient at MOM since pre-concierge Yaffe Ruden days. I can relate to some of the complaints about too much testing and pre-testing and referring now, but, on the other hand, these tests have caught a couple of health issues for me that otherwise might not have been detected until much later, so there’s that. Yes, sometimes you have to book appointments far in advance, but I’ve been impressed lately with the lack of wait time once I arrive, and my personal experience has been that if you really need to see someone immediately for some sudden worrisome problem, they can always get you in. One of the things I’ve always valued about this practice is that, whatever your health concern, they either have someone on staff who can address it or can refer you to other good specialists. You have to pick and choose, of course, and trust your gut on whether you think someone is competent and giving you the attention and care you need. They don’t all rank equally. But by all these measures and more, I can’t say enough good things about my primary, Dr. Kini. She is kind, attentive, thorough, responsive, respectful and generous with her time in a way that is truly rare and precious among busy doctors today. I feel fortunate to have found her lucky to have Dr. Beniaminovitz as my cardiologist, another doctor who truly cares.