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Medical Offices of Manhattan

I had a wonderful experience! Sounds a bit weird, like who would enjoy going to the doctors but it is true. All the staff were very friendly, the check-in process was also pretty seamless especially since I could do all the paperwork via electronically before my visit. I had initially gone for an annual physical. I’m used to the typical questionnaire were they ask about personal habits, background of family and any issues you have. Take some vitals and call it a day. However I was impressed with how in-depth they went. Since it was my first visit and not sure if this is the same for everyone, but based on what I had explained about my personal health concerns. They performed an EKG, took some blood samples and even performed a sonogram (assuming to view the area(s) I had concerns with). Also instead of trying to refer me to a specialist to further research my issue, which I am a bit accustomed to both by experience and through others. The provider took immediate action in suggesting and prescribing a medication which seems to have reduced some of my condition. Also had requested to do a follow up within a few weeks to further address the issue based on results. All this makes me feel I made the best choice in location and would suggest anyone else looking for care to really consider this location.