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Medical Offices of Manhattan

I love this office! A good friend of mine recommended them to me because she loves her own doctor! We don’t have the same doctor but I legitimately like abs respect mine.

When I go to the office, I’m checked in right away and it’s helpful that they let me begin that process online before I get there. I’m never sitting more than 10 minutes before someone is there to take my vitals. My own doctor is usually in 5 to 10 minutes after that. She’s very respectful of my time and thorough. I like that she actually listens when I’m talking and doesn’t think or treat me like I’m crazy if I think something’s wrong. I like this office and their treatment so much that I stopped seeing my cardiologist and started seeing a new one at their offices! It’s fantastic!

The check out process is easy and fast. If you need blood drawn, the lab is right next door. I don’t live close to any of their offices but it’s worth the commute in my opinion.