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Medical Offices of Manhattan

Dr. Carli Johnston was personable, thorough, and professional, and treated my visit for my annual physical with first class consideration. She has a spirited and conversational energy, with an alert mind and sharp eye. She was able to discuss some of the nuances of my results and make balanced, and timely, suggestions for steps to take for my health.

It doesn’t surprise me that a doctor as competent as Dr. Johnston works at the Medical Offices of Manhattan. The location I frequent at 51st street is clean, well organized, and attractive. I first went there based on good reviews for a referral for a surgery – and, lo and behold, I received a clear diagnosis and referral and was hooked up with a fantastic surgeon. My experience was so positive – and during COVID, by the way – that I decided to return to the location for my physical.

The 51st street location has top notch staff, and they’re as friendly – and occasionally funny – as their nurses. Part of the reason my visit was so successful, too, is that I was able to receive an EKG and ultrasound. Getting a full spectrum of tests helped me understand what really to focus on with my health, and I was impressed by the array of technology the office had available for such a routine visit.

The results of my tests came back to me quickly, within a few days, along with a diagnosis and explanation of options by Dr. Johnston.

In sum, this is a doctor and establishment where patients are valued, treated like individuals, and professional expertise is doled out with class and care.