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Medical Offices of Manhattan

I’ve been a patient for 20 years and I gotta say that I don’t love some of the changes that have happened since the merger. The overall practice I’d give 4 stars (used to be 5), but I have to give 5 because of the doctor I see there – Lily Grobman.

I can’t begin to describe how wonderful Lily is across the board. Empathetic and smart and patient and thorough. She remembers not only me but also my myriad of issues/conditions, which means a lot to not just feel like a name on a chart that she has to look at a few times per year. Additionally, she does incredible research to help figure out which medications are best and to determine the best course of action on certain diagnoses.

She’s everything you want in a doctor. I feel so taken care of, and cared for by Lily.