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Medical Offices of Manhattan

MOM as a whole is a great place to go. You’re welcomed in by a smiling team member guiding you. The front desk staff are very prompt and friendly. The MAs are kind, helpful and informative. Everyone looks at you, not just down at their computer lol. Dr. Jonathan Jennings is definitely a new favorite of mine. He addressed my concerns, affirmed my feelings, offered to provide me what I wanted not just want I needed and most importantly he patiently calmed my feelings of stress with a short but powerful story of motivation/inspiration. It was the perfect prescription to which i didn’t even know I needed. Some times i think i may need a prescription for the symptom/physical body when it’s really for something mental, emotional, or for the soul. Dr. Jonathan Jennings may have been taught to be a doctor by skill, but he’s a passionate healer at heart