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Medical Offices of Manhattan

If I could review Dr. Christine Kakoulas separately, this would be 5 stars.
I just recently went for my second visit here: An annual exam. Dr. Kakoulas is the most thorough doctor I’ve ever seen. She takes a full history (it seems that’s a rarity, at least in my previous experiences) and truly listens, incorporating her findings into her physical exam. Her diligent exam technique saves lives in that her breast palpation (finally, a doctor that actually touches you during the exam!) catches masses early when something can be done about it. I trust that she’s got my best interest in mind and I don’t plan to go anywhere else for my annual physical.
The phlebotomist after this year’s appointment was also excellent. I gave her my traditional heads up that I can be a difficult subject (low blood pressure, tiny veins, tend to pass out) and she had the samples in no time. I never even had a chance to get clammy and try to pass out. Respect.

The reason I did not give 5 stars was due to my experience last year during my first visit. Checking in was very tedious, there was a language barrier with reception, and they completely misspelled my name, despite my entering it digitally for them. After the always-excellent appointment with Dr. Kakoulas, they took blood and urine samples (it is so convenient to have this on the premises) but mislabeled the samples with the still-misspelled name. I noticed this and stayed to make sure they corrected it before I left. They assured me that was taken care of. Upon receiving results, they said I still needed to submit a urine sample. I said I had, I had even stayed to make sure they labeled it correctly, and I did not have time to come back in and give them another sample. I requested they cancel that portion of the tests. Months later, I was billed for the urine test that was never run. It took about 3-4 months of calling the doctors office and my insurance to finally get that cleared up.

Overall, the office is good. I feel like Dr. Kakoulas is a gem and I couldn’t be happier that a friend recommended her.