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Medical Offices of Manhattan

Had an excellent experience throughout my visit and how convenient it is, due to multiple specialist doctors in one location! Save you a lot of time and trouble.

I was due for my Annual routine and seen by Dr.Kini, I highly recommend her as she is very thorough with my concerns and listened carefully. She’s also advising me of what needed changing in my lifestyle routine & you can def tell how caring she is. Furthermore, I did my bloodwork, love how I can use the Apps Labfinder to easily view my result Very convenient platform and user-friendly!

Since Due to my family history I was referred to see Cardiologist which is right next door! How awesome is that? Dr.B is very kind, knowledgeable, and very detailed in explaining your current health status it was helpful and informative he then will guide you through a plan for bettering your health issues. Make you look forward to a follow-up visit for a result!

Overall I was able to do all that I needed to get done in 1 visit!!
Throughout setting up an appointment
& Billing educating me with what’s covered and what my potential out-of-pocket is, due to my high deductible.

Can’t ask for more!