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Medical Offices of Manhattan

Dr. Kim is without a doubt the kindest physician I have ever seen. He was calm and patient, even with the chaos I brought in with me which was being on-call for my job, and being a graduate student graduating in two weeks. He was understanding of me being a bit scattered. He communicated his medical plan for me, clearly stated his thought process, was respectful, and didn’t once seem like he was in a rush. That means so much to me as a patient. He asked if I had questions several times, and was patient with me when I thought of follow-up concerns after we initially talked about that part of the annual. I verbalized some health/weight concerns from the pandemic, and he was not judgmental in the least. He was supportive and professional. I cannot recommend Dr. Kim enough. Additionally, the entire staff was respectful, timely, and efficient, and the healthcare facilities all clean and had wonderful COVID precautions in place.