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Medical Offices of Manhattan

Had an international trip and needed a COVID RAPID TEST 72 hours before our flight.

Staff could not have been nicer.

Called about 3 weeks in advance to make the appointment, came in and got my nose swabbed. Was in and out in less than 5 minutes.

Told the doctors we were traveling internationally, and they were even nice enough put a rush request in at the lab to get our results ASAP.

The next day me – the lab emailed us and me my wife’s results came back NEGATIVE. And we were then able to upload that to the airline before our travel to prove we were negative and safe to fly

Super efficient and very easy. If you are traveling and need a RAPID PCR COVID-19 test, this place is great!!

Just be sure to let them know when you’re traveling so they can make sure to have your lab results ASAP!

Highly recommend!! AAAAAAA+++++++