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Medical Offices of Manhattan

This was a great visit. I was seen right on time for my annual physical. I was very happy with the med tech who worked with me first – she did so much more than take my vitals. She got a detailed history of all my updates, she was very helpful with all my questions, and she was so friendly. Dr. Hnin was great and happy to talk about all my concerns. Sometimes with PCPs I feel like I need to beat around the bush or hint at what I want, but I felt like I could be very direct with Dr. Hnin. The office feels very modern and clean – I love the trendy waiting room seats and the pretty chandeliers.

Blood work: I wasn’t able to fast in advance for my blood work on the day of my appointment, but it was no issue because I was able to come back the next morning. The whole blood draw process took less than 20 minutes. I’m glad it was a phlebotomist because I have very difficult veins and I do best with people who specialize in blood draws.