One of the best experiences I have had in any medical office. The front desk staff were courteous and positive from the get go. A few short questions and I was guided to the exam room. I met with Melissa who was a wonderful PA. She took all of my concerns seriously and answered all of my questions happily. She was thorough, intelligent and empathetic. Essentially gathered information and executed a game plan in minutes which I found incredibly impressive. Each assistant ( hope that is the correct term ) was focused and on point. Dr. Amirian took the time to answer my questions and put me at ease. He strikes me as mindful of how a person feels in such a vulnerable setting. Extremely well informed without coming off stuffy and certainly has a passion for what he does. I am confident I have found a cardiologist for the long term.

COVID-19 Patient Safety

Patient safety is our utmost priority at The Medical Offices of Manhattan. Our staff has exercised diligent efforts to maximize safety measures to make sure you feel comfortable and welcome while visiting us.

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