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Medical Offices of Manhattan

I have been a patient of Dr Yaffe for over 10 years. In addition to being a caring and very thorough doctor, he runs an incredibly efficient practice. The usual protocol of waiting endlessly in a waiting room doesnt apply here – I’m usually seen within 5-10 minutes of arrival. He also has a very wide-ranging staff of assistants and specialists so if I need to come on very short notice (ie, same day), there’s always a very competent Physician Assistant that can see me. He’s also a great source of Referrals to various Specialist I have used over the years. Lastly, his office technology is always cutting edge. I get texts to remind me of appts, can book appts online for many of the staff, am able to email Dr Yaffe, though I dont abuse the privilege and am always impressed with the coordination of information throughout the office. In my mind, it’s a “concierge” experience offered within the insurance system and I only hope that with all the cost pressures hitting the industry, he’s able to maintain such a first-class practice.